After two years finally, I went for a short holiday break. I would say that it was quite a hard decision to make even though it was just a short break. Because it was school starting week for Arthi after one week of school holiday. Am I the coolest mother for letting my daughter take leave and go on vacation after school term starts ?.

I don’t know.

But it made me happy and felt good because, during my school life, my parents have never let us take leave on school days even if we were sick. So breaking the pattern was very hard and confusing mentally. But I did it and not a single regret because we had so much fun.

I really have to thank Uma, my lovely sister-in-law who actually initiated the holiday. If it was not for her I would have just stayed at home and become more frustrated with my life and also being a scary momster. I could actually see how only three days away from home and also taking a break from doing the same routine daily could change a person mentally and emotionally. I wouldn’t say it helped me to change physically because I ate a lot. Hehehehe.

A break is always needed for everyone, especially for moms, so that you don’t become a momster and you will also have the time to spend with your children and understand them more. You can never have this kind of moments when you are at home by going on and on with the routined life.

Sometimes, it’s okay to do parenting in a different place. So frustrated parents get a holiday and run away !.

Visiting Cameron Highlands again after fifteen-plus years with Arthi felt so good because, along the whole journey, I shared what I learned as a kid who traveled the same place with my parents. We spoke a lot. Eeeerrrrm no ! actually Arthi spoke a hell lot more than us.

It was also so heartwarming when I peeked at Arthi through the rearview mirror as she was admiring the tall trees throughout the journey. It actually brought me back to my childhood memories too. I love tall trees, I have always wanted to build a tree house ( it’s still on my wishlist), whether I will build one or not only time will tell.

While all this admiring my mini-me was happening I had a great time with my sister-in-law too.

I have known my sister-in-law, Uma for about ten years to date but we have started to get close only a few years back. The closeness that I am talking about here is not just going on holidays, taking nice pictures, going shopping, or getting drunk and vomiting in the middle of the sea (yes we have done all the shits). It is a memorable funny moment but having the deepest conversation and telling each other secrets and being comfortable with it is another level of relationship.

Having any kind of relationship is nothing but letting them be comfortable in their own skin is.

So, we had deep conversations with a bottle of very good wine and slept off around 3am. Yes, 3am conversations are raw, honest, and vulnerable. If you have never tried having a conversation during that time, please try. You won’t have any regrets.

Well, sometimes it is not the place we are at, it’s actually the people that we have around us. Cheers to those amazing souls.

The holiday was something I chose to go but a lot of perspectives were added along the way. Yes to many more holidays, more 3am conversations, and also parenting at different places.

Now, please go break some rules for yourself and your kids and jump in joy for a good vacaaaaay.

Till then tata.

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