on the 9th year.


It has been a crazy 9 years of married life journey. A ride of too much of everything. Too much drama, too many emotions, and also too many blessings. Sort of love-hate relationship.

To look back at whatever we have gone through in this journey, actually opened a way for both of us to learn more about ourselves personally. It was all the good things and also all the flaws that we are having and eventually working together to evolve into a better individual and grow old together :).

Along the way, lessons I learned about marriage is that we often get into a relationship with a very huge expectation on our partner, expecting them to be exactly how we want them to be instead of accepting them for who they are and eventually getting disappointed in the process of trying to change them as to how we wanted.

Like every other marriage, I and Kanesh had interesting memorable moments to be cherished but equally faced challenges to keep our marriage alive too.

I always had a perception that it was him who is giving me the hard time but failed to understand that I was in a way hurting him too. We were both actually hurting each other even without realizing that it was us who started it first. But kept on blaming the other one.

The other thing will be letting go. Letting go in marriage is not about walking out of your marriage but letting the other person do things that make them happy, give them the space they needed. Don’t suffocate them. When we let them be themself, eventually we are giving them the space to be comfortable with us. In a way, it does strengthen the relationship.

Every one of us is fighting our own inner battles individually. All we could do is be the pillar of strength for the other person.

Well, after all, marriage life is not about asking “how was your day?” every day but sitting together with a cup of coffee and figuring out each other’s weaknesses and finding a solution.

Being married is like having a best friend for life who is going to constantly love you and hate you at the same time.

At the core of every marriage is a great friendship.

Happy 9th to us and cheers to forever.

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