traveling mentally.

It was a let’s mourn for pre-corona vacation kind of weekend and thought let’s just blog about it.

When 2020 started, I listed down all the places that I wanted to travel with Kanesh and Arthi. It was a long list because Covid was not even a matter at that time and Arthi could handle almost everything by herself. So it was let’s just pack and go kind of emotions.

Few months later, travelling and airport vibes was one of the favourite activity every one of us missed. All I am doing for now is just embracing the daydreams about traveling.

Mentally on the beach, physically in the shower. Duh.

Nowadays, even going to a grocery store is some kind of vacation therapy and reminds me to keep regretting for all the times I postponed my vacations just because I wanted to work hard and save money so that I could travel the world one day.

Now I am just sitting at home and wondering if that one day will ever come.

And as I have said in one of my previous post, how nice would it be if I could transform myself into a bird and fly to the desired destination.

Even if I could do so also, I will still miss the airport vibes. You know the kind of moment where everyone rushes to check in their bags and then roam around the airport to do their mini shopping’s and then smile at those co-passengers while waiting for the gate to open.

It’s really unexplainable feeling, right ?

This time, I really miss being in India. Pondicherry.

You might say that ,everyone loves going to Pondicherry but I am not talking about the township area but the village site.

It’s called Seyyangkuppam. My ancestor’s village ,and this could also be the fact why I love going back to that same place again and again and again.

Somehow I am connected :).

Since we have relatives and few of my dad’s ex worker’s living there and other parts of south India and since they love us way too much they always do extraordinary things for us.

The thin line between what we ask and what they give lies the love we have between each other.

It has always been overwhelming.

The kind of love that we get is, there will always be fresh cow milk coffee served hot – ALWAYS. Everything and anything you eat is always freshly made, even the meat would have been just hunt few hours earlier before it gets cooked.

There will be some type of competition among each relatives/friends to show who is the best host. And it always includes food. I have always wondered what sort of love are they having onto us because they were literally tried to kill us with food.

Another thing I miss about India is the pit-stops at tea stalls and orders extra cup of tea because it has never been enough, the “oh I still don’t have enough saree’s and tops” shopping. And most importantly Indian author book shopping, even though you can get those books online but nothing feels good like doing a book shopping in another country right ?.

Oh, I totally forgot to include this in the list of amazing things I miss in India, the unstoppable honking sound that follows everywhere. It will still be bugging you in your ear even after weeks you are back home.

Travelling was fun until Arthi happened. I have travelled to India with Arthi for about four times and she didn’t even stepped down all the while we stayed in India. Possibly because it was dustier or maybe ; she got paranoid since its a new place, new environment and she thought that I might just leave her and go.

So during travel days with Arthi, I have to carry her every minute we are going out, be it for shopping, dinner ,or just to sight seeing. Just imagine I have to carry a human who weighs about 7 to 8kg’s during that time for hours and walk. Long walks.

The best part was that she didn’t want to go to anyone else.Not even to Kanesh too.

It was so frustrating kind of feeling during that moment but looking back at it now, all I learned was Arthi just wanted to feel secured because it was a total new place with new faces too and the only person she could trust was me, hence I became her safest home.

There are many stories about travelling and the post will just keep on going and going. Will be stopping here now and see you all soon in my next post about something else.

Hopefully all of us could travel somewhere soon till then, ta-ta.

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