who am i ?.

Often times I always wonder about who we are actually, why are we here at this particular period of time/moment. What is the real reason for the Nature to bring us here on this Earth and let us face all the moment’s that we are facing, be it good or bad. And I also found out that the Nature do talk to us too and all we have to do is to calmly listen to the voice that comes from inside us.

Whenever people asks me to tell about myself,I reluctanly answer those basic things about me.

Komlashni,33 years old mompreneur and all the things that everyone knows about me while deep down I knew that those things are the labels we staple on ourself.

You might ask me, “why all of this doubts, now ?”.

Few months back my sister, Kamalavaaashnee who is also a make up artist did a personal make up for me because she has always wanted to play make up on my face. Well, the kind of thing that sister’s do during their childhood moments but professionally once you become an adult. So when she wanted to upload my picture in her Instagram profile, she asked me to write a caption about myself.

And that’s where this question came to my mind.

Are we the person whom we claim to be ?.

But when I asked myself the question of who am i ?

It simply answered :

I am Arthi’s mom aka Komlashni Pandiya Rajan. I am an untamed wonderer, my mind always always and always keep wondering and I am also a woman in search of her own words, well I love words but still finding a word that will be mine. I rant on my blog posts and eventually it gets inspired to those who reads. I am on a mission to create my own reality 🙃.

The name and the title was given by someone. But the explanation about me is from me.

Since, it is an unanswerable question, we shall just keep searching for who are we really till we find the truth.

Till then I am just going to admire myself from my sister’s artwork :).

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