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Hey guys. The full lockdown has been imposed in Malaysia and again extended for another two more weeks.

I was actually waiting for a full border opening so that I can start to travel again but then I accepted the fact that people are not concerned about anyone’s health safety and also the struggle others have to go through just because they were purposely not aware of Covid-19. Selfish much? Most probably.

As I was wondering what shall I do during this lockdown time other than the usual stuff’s I have been doing all this while, Steven from ET Idea’s called me to help them out with participant management team for a student’s led students conference New Age Learner Conference that held few weeks back. Hence, this post.

Can we travel to some flashbacks?

When I was a school student many many years ago, the school management will organize a seminar kind of workshop for classes that will be sitting for an important exam in that particular year. You can never run away from that because the school will send out a permission letter for parents to sign and give it back to the school.

Even though I was unhappy about it but there was a little anticipation for it because you can sit with your best friend from a different class, you can just zone out throughout the whole session, or else bring your favorite novel to read. And at the same time, I made up my mind that I am never ever going to send my kids to any motivational seminars, unless if I had to give them some sort of punishment.

There was one thing that I couldn’t really understand even today. At the end of the seminar, the speaker will ask us to imagine the struggles that our parents went through bringing us up and bla bla bla, where most students will end up crying. It was some sort of emotionally forcing us to work and study hard for our parent’s happiness.

They could have just said it instead of having a full seminar.

Fast forward to what happened two weekends back.

There were this bunch of energetic and also successful youngsters from the Nationwide Youth Movement and also the recipient of the prestigious Diana Award in 2019, Ascendance, organized their power-packed conference and shared their experiences with more than 6,000 game-changers who attended the conference. Please be mindful that it was a student-led student conference organized by students aged from 9 to 20-year-olds.

They are:

Sanadtkumar Ganesan, 20, is Ascendance’s Chief Operations Officer, scriptwriter, and short film Director while pursuing a program in Lights Film School, USA.  Harsha Ravindran, 18, is Ascendance’s Chief Marketing Officer, Founder of, author of ‘The Makings of A Teenage Entrepreneur’ and an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Vinishyaa Sugumar, 19, is Ascendance’s Head of Creative Design, Founder of Kickstart Art Vinishyaa, and is currently studying at Saito University College. Abinayasree Meyappan, 16, is Ascendance’s Head of Publicity, Founder of HAHA Merchandise, and a student in SMK Bandar Baru Sri Petaling. Mahalaxcme Ganesan, 18, is Ascendance’s Head of Communication and a student in SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, Selangor. Jared Tan, 19, is Ascendance’s Head of Content Development, an actor, voice actor, and video editor at ET Boost Studio. Amelyn Boey, 16, is Ascendance’s Assistant Head of Communication and a student in SMK Tropicana, Selangor, and lastly, Sara Sophea, 17, is one of Ascendance’s Apprentice from SMK Dato’ Ahmad Maher, Kelantan.

Even though I made up my mind that I am never going to send my kid to this kind of seminars that I had attended during my school days, this New Age Learner Virtual Conference had changed my perception 360 degrees and I secretly wished how nice it would have been if I had this opportunity during my school days.

It’s okay since I secretly got the opportunity to attend the conference by being a helping hand and also one of their corporate partners.

This is not some regular conference that talks about how to answer exam questions or gives some extra tips on how to study for exams. No. This is entirely a different game. I can’t really explain the exact content of the conference because it’s the hard work of the youngsters and it’s not really nice to leak out their conference content.

And now, they are coming up with another conference in September which is going to be an International Edition with 50,000 youths joining. There will also be another bunch of young entrepreneurs from different parts of the world coming together to share their experiences and also bringing up the game to another level.

If there are any parents reading this post and have kids who are going to school, please don’t think twice to register them into this programme.

Well, if we are expecting a change, let’s be the change.

To know more about Ascendance, their upcoming projects, and also about New Age Learner Conference you may hop to :

Or you may contact :

e-mail : Steven Mathura

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