i want to be like you, ma…

1987 – 2014.Yes, it’s a 27 years intermission to meet my daughter, or shall I say meeting another version of Komlashni in a different generation?

In my time, we have been raised differently compared to how nowadays parents are raising their kids. As much as I would love to say that adults should be the voice for the younger one’s but nowadays it’s totally going the other way around, it’s like the kids are voicing out thoughts that we had when we were younger but got totally ignored or shushed.

Since, I am trying to be this sort of “friendly” mother to Arthi, I do let her discuss / pinpoint some stuff that I was afraid to do when I was little and it does gives me a pleasure of reliving my childhood through her.

That was when this happened.

So, whenever I join any meetings or event’s organised by ET Ideas , Arthi will be there too. Well, she is my shadow guys. Hahaha.

So, she knows a little bit of …wait wait, I think more about subconscious mind, listening to the heart and more importantly listen to the young.

And constantly reminds me to be happy

As she has been hearing a lot of this “listen to the young” phrase, and

 one day she came to me and told:

Arthi : Ma, after this I don’t want to go to school anymore, I want to be at home with you only.

Me : Why suddenly ,Arthi. You should go to school. This will be the only time you could enjoy your school life, after you become and adult like me, you can only dream about school. Better have fun now itself.

Arthi  : Yes ,I know ,but I feel nice to stay at home and be with you ,and also when I grow up I want to be like you also.

Me     : *in a shocked moment and I replied* ,But you want to be an astronaut what ,if that is your ambition ,you have to go to school and read a lot of books ,so for that you have to go to school.

Arthi   : Yes ,I wanted to be a teacher and then doctor and then astronaut and lastly I want to become like you.

Then after a while I was getting a little bit irritated when she keeps on saying that she wants to become like me, but then I wanted to know what she meant by why she wants to be like me, then I asked and her reply astonished me.

She said: Ma, a teacher will be a teacher only, a doctor will be a doctor only, and an astronaut will go to the space only but you can do so many things, you can cook, clean, drive, buy things, dance with me, read books for me, help me do my work and play with me, you can do so many things, that’s why I want to be like Komlashni.

My ambition was to be an astronaut too, I was so happy when Arthi told me that she wanted to be an astronaut too, but I was out of words when she told me that she wanted to be me, because I have always thought that I have not achieved anything big other that being someone who run a business, daughter, wife and mom. I have never saw myself being a person who could do so many things and not even a single though occurred to me that my daughter has been look up on me.

Thank you Arthi for letting me know about myself from your perspective.

We adults are like horses with blinders, we are too focused on becoming successful on the rat race the society has created instead of becoming a better human. We don’t really try to think from a different perspective because we are too focused on one thing only.

We all should try to be kids sometimes.

Through this conversation with Arthi, it made me to realise that it’s not about the advices that I tell her that’s going to work it’s all about what kind of action’s I am projecting to her that’s going to mould her.

And when I told her thank you so much without any explanation, she simply said that’s why you should “listen to the young”.


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