me and i : evolved system.

I know I know.I took a break for two weeks.

I am just figuring things out for this year.Still confused on “should I really plan things out?” or “should I just go with the flow?” and while figuring it out I lost count on the days.Hehehehe.

But ,atleast I am here.Now.

So about two weeks ago ,there was this interesting topic that were discussed on the weekly webseries that I tune in without a miss.And I just realised it has been so long since I blogged about me and i topics too.Oh no !.

The topic was about “the system is evolving and how are we adapting?“.Are we ?.Did we really evolved ?.

So ,about a year ago something happened that got me to be really worried.I was having a conversation about house chores with Arthi and then she told me that “Ma ,only girls should do the house works ,boys work is to sit and play games“.That is when I made a decision that ,this thought should be removed from her mind.Completely.

As a child ,we have been breed with an ideology that says how a certain gender suppose to be.

Girls should like pink ,girls should sit in certain way ,girls should definitely know how to do house chores and the last but not the least ,girls need to know how to cook.No one really bother’s about how her feelings are ,is she happy ,is she tired ,is she giving up with her life is she fed up with the society around her ?.

Okay ,chop.Some of you might say ,even boy’s are going through some stuff’s too and etc etc.Yeah ,I know ,but since I am a girl , I can only write from my point of view :).Okay ?.

Yes,I am still a girl.

I seriously didn’t want to bring up Arthi with the same ideology that I or Kanesh have been brought up with.I want her to be someone different than other’s ,someone exceptional.But I wasn’t noticing that without being aware I have been programming her using the same old way.Some of it.

After that particular conversation with Arthi ,I just told her that it’s not that only girl’s have to do house chores ,it’s also boy’s duty to help around the house too.Well ,Kanesh does help me alot with house chores but Arthi doesn’t see that because we always send her to grandma’s house during house cleanings :).And in a way ,that is what she always sees ,ladies does all the works.

And then MCO happened ,I took this chance to really show her that she can do things differently from other’s.A small evolution starts from home ,isn’t it ?.

At the same time ,the world did evolved too.Instead of waking up and going to school/work ,it brought both to us.Instead of going out and buying things ,all of us did online shoppings and the same goes to food too.

This year in 2021 ,my family advanced a little.I always sweep the house ,it’s like per day I will sweep few times so whenever I take the broom ,both my darlings whines.I hate sweeping but I don’t have a choice because my mind goes haywire when I see a hair/dust or whatever on the floor.

So Kanesh bought this robotic vacuum cleaner ,which makes my life way easier.Instead of being a mother/wife with a broom ,I am using my extra time with the things that I love to do.

And what amazed me was when Arthi told me that ,we should also get a robot that cleans the house ,wash ,dry and fold the clothes.

From a girl who thought it’s a girl’s job to do the house chores to anyone can do anything at home.That is where ,we as a family broke the system’s chain.

After a while ,I asked her if we had a robot as your specification at home ,then what should I be doing ?.She simply said ,”just sit and spend time with me and cook for us ma“.

For that ,we are definitely getting a robot.Hehe.

The world is advancing so fast.We do really have to adapt to changes so that we don’t get left behind.So ,instead of complaining that technological changes is going to make people stupid or lazy ,let’s just embrace the changes and spend more time to understand our inner self.

Instead of complaining that life is difficult ,you can actually find way’s to make your life simpler.

That’s all for now ,going to find ways to make my life easier.


6 thoughts on “me and i : evolved system.

  1. I think in this case, flow and adaptation go hand in hand. It’s shocking to see how quickly the world is changing sometimes. I feel as though if we are flowing authentically, we will adapt to what suits us.

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  2. Interesting. There really arelots of expectations we face, whether it’s based on our gender, or our age or whatever. It can be frustrating, but it’s good to think about these things and try to change what should be changed. I mean after all, stereotypes and inequality don’t really benefit anyone.

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