5 years back.

Happy Joy-nuary guys.This is fun right ?.Should start creating one each for the rest of the month’s.

Oh!Oh! gotta start to make my brain engine work again.

Okay ,so how’s things have been for you?.Actually for me ,I didn’t set any resolutions for this year because I told you guys in my previous post that time is really illusion,started to really sieze the moments and zone out at times.Hehehe.

Few days back as I was viewing people’s Instagram story (yes ,I am nosy) ,I saw this particular post and instantly had an idea to blog about it.Well ,me being me ,I took my own sweet time by drafting this post in my head.

Jeng jeng jeng.

The post was : If the version of you from 5 years ago could see you right now,they’d be so proud.

After reading it ,I was like “Hmmm ,yeah five years ago”.

Well ,that was everything is new kinda period.I was a new mom ,new mompreneur and also really started to learn more things about people and also different types of emotions that I wasn’t aware of.It was abit stressed period of my life because from a girl who avoids human contacts to suddenly have to handle alot of them,mainly their emotions.I was emotionally drained.

It was like 24/7 with people ,from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed ,I kept talking and it made me to be tired and bitter too.I wouldn’t even want to go back to that phase of my life even if anyone want’s to bribe me with my favourite things ,unless anything related to Arthi.

Eventhough I started to be unhappy at that time,there were good lesson’s that I learned ,met few good souls.The most favourite part about it was ,there will be alot of older aunties/grandmother’s who come’s and do their self care routine with us ,genuinely blesses us ,telling encouraging words and get’s surprise when me and my sister tells them that we were 29 (me) and 25 (my sister) at that time.They we actually genuinely proud of us.Blessed to have met them :).

But ,when I look back to how I were 5 years ago and now.I have achieved few things that I manifested for.

I wanted more time for myself ,having alot of time for myself.Wanted to have a happy ,peaceful and calm life ,I am definitely having it now while doing what I like.When you do the right things for yourself and in a way helping other’s to grow too ,the universe will help you to achieve things that you have always wanted.

But remember ,always be aware what you ask for and also how you ask too ,never ever put a single negative thoughts in it because you will be the one who is going to face the consequences.

So yeah.

Oh !. By the way ,Sip and Read was not in the to do list 5 years ago too ,but here I am sharing away my thoughts and stories from occassionally to weekly :).

Universe has it’s own strategy plan.

And yes,I would have been very proud of me if my old self have seen me right now.Let’s see how I will be in the next 5 years time.

Let’s just keep evolving.

me and arthi 5 years ago.

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