2020 for me.

Hello :).We are at the end of our beautiful 2020.I still remember how excited all of us were by setting new year goals ,setting travel plans and being so positive into changing our life’s.It was all sweet and nice vibes.

Then March arrived ,everything got toppled upside down and the world went into a haywire mode and nature put a full stop for us.So much of uncertainty ,fear and almost everyone started to have mental issues.

But what most of us failed to notice what 2020 tried to tell us.I found some answers to the questions that I usually ask myself while peacefully dwelling into my inner self during MCO.It was totally me time moments actually.

Well ,let’s see what I got through my observations.

When MCO was announced in Malaysia ,first thought that came to me was , “Yeay ,I don’t have to think about Hello Gorgeous for a while ,don’t have to really consider about managing time ,I can literally do what I want even though I can’t go out and most of all ,I can be with my family for twentyfourseven“.I have never been the person who loves to roam around so staying at home was kinda normal for me.And also ,I set the goal to find who am i truly.

I actually found out that we are the creator’s and destroyer’s of everything that happens to us and around us.We are the god and we are the monsters ,but we choose to be the monsters instead by ignoring the capability of our true self.

In a way nature still helped us to be in touch with ourself by putting a comma in our life for nearly 3 to 4 months.Some realised and tried to do what supposed to be done ,some realised but ignored and continued repeating with what they have been doing before corona came ,some didn’t even realised anything.

Flora and fauna was and is still living happily but us human’s living with fear ,needed protection ,needed to keep distance from our loved one’s and the list goes on.We just love to complicate things ,let it be for our ownself and also for those around us and live a complicated and non-understandable life.

Those who knows ,know.

Time is illusion.You can never turn back time or visit the future.When I got to know about this ,I always try to be in that moment in every situations although I love to day dream alot.Be present when I am having conversations with Arthi ,when we both have our meals ,we always say ‘Iloveyou’ all the time ,it has been a habit for us.We used to do that but this time it was different for me because I knew that is the moment that I can never bring back with the same emotions.This is very deep that I can’t really put into exact words.I learned to be present.

And then I actually found myself.I thought this is what life is about ,repeating the same daily routine and running towards something without knowing where we are going.Then one ,Valsala messaged me and told me to think about bringin my business to online ,and that’s when I knew how the hearts talks.It didn’t really make sense ,even till now but in a way that is what I wanted to do.What I told to Valsala was “I don’t really want to do anything about my business ,but I want to work more on my blog.I want to write”.Then nature sent me the resources ,hired people to create my blog logo ,created a page for my blog on Facebook and then found few facebook pages about blog where I can share my writings there and gain followers.Eventually I became from occasional blogger to weekly blogger.I found what my heart truly wants.

On top of all that ,I started to appreciate every little things around me ,I started to love myself more but with some awareness that I shouldn’t be excessively self-obssesive :).Be kind and I am trying to be more present in every moment.

Well ,I am not sure if you guy’s understood what I am trying to put in here.But nature have always been kind to us ,we are the one’s who is destroying it and facing the reperccussions.Easily said ,what went around ,came to us exactly how it should be.

Be kind ,be humble and love yourself.

Goodbye 2020.

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