living a purposeful life.

Yeaaay ,I am back after a month.

How have you all been ?.From my side thing’s were abit hectic as it was festive season and also had to prepare for sister’s wedding under a short notice but got done with it perfectly.Hence why this long break ,now I am back for good :).

Few week’s back I got a call from Steven from ET ideas saying that I have been choosen to be one of the guest speaker for ET youth’s monthly talkshow.First thing that came to my mind was , “Seriously guys ,of all the people ,why me ? “,but what my heart made a different noise ,which sounded like ,” Of all the time you didn’t step up to talk ,why not you break the wall you built about yourself now ,go break the wall ,Shinigirl“.

And the rest is history.

The topic given was : Living a Purposeful life.

I am not going to write exactly what was shared in the talkshow but here it’s going to be my own definition.Listen okay ?,eh sorry sorry ,read it okay ?.

As for me ,living a purposeful life is about having a strong bonding within yourself.Simply said love your self first.

There was a time where I always had a question about my life ,is this what life is all about ,doing things repeatedly without having any idea on why are we doing it and being unhappy throughout our whole life by complaining about how unhappy we are because there is nothing to be passionate about.It’s like you question your own existence.

But we are all born with a purpose ,if not we wouldn’t be here ,right ?.We are just ignoring the real reason why we are here.I bet everyone had a thought about what is your purpose in life.

Well ,few month’s back during MCO ,I was having a deep conversation with Arthi about life in general.I was having a doubt with my purpose of life.I still remember that while talking with Arthi ,I messaged my mentor Valsala asking about , “what is my life’s purpose ?” ,being the mentor that she supposed to be ,she asked me to blog more and eventually I might find my purpose.

But while talking with Arthi ,there was another thought that was running in my mind ,I think it was my soul most probably that said , “Hey Shinigirl ,you have always wanted to make everyone happy and also do whatever you can do for free”.And that was also what Arthi wanted to do when she grow up.

Well ,I personally feel that if I need to live a purposeful life the first thing I should do is to repair myself first.

I used to be this “okay ,yes ,can” person all the time ,and just be available for everyone without thinking about myself ,my inner peace and my family.I mean ,it’s not only me but half of the population in the world does that.

But as time goes by ,I realised that , I can never truly be happy or make other’s happy if I am not making peace within myself.I finally found out the answer to “be happy within” and eventually I will hold the magic wand to make other’s happy.

Please don’t get confused with the terms , “self love” and “selfish”.

Being selfish – someone you knew is facing a problem ,and you have the solution for their problem but you ignore giving the solutions / help , cause you knew very damn well that if they are out from their misery they will have a peaceful life.

Having selflove – same situation but you give them the solution / help but you don’t wait and expect them to use the help that you provided and sulk when they don’t take your help instead you just accept that they might had some better option and move on.You just don’t become bitter.Everyone have a choice ,even you.

Take time for yourself guys.Take a break ,spend more time with yourself ,have a me time conversation.

Self love is not always about polishing your skin ,hiding your white hair’s and painting your nails.It’s about stop complaining ,stop holding grudge’s ,and start loving every flaws of yourself and also other’s.

We are toxic in a way too.Find the holes and fix it slowly :).

Well for now ,I wished I spoke all this confidently in the talkshow but well atleast I found out that I can speak.

See ,that is what I was talking about self love :).

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