blessed by universe.

Happy birthday to me.As I am typing this post I am entering the third year of my third series.Well ,if it’s hard to process ,what I am actually trying to say is,that I am slowly crawling into 33.

Yes ,I know I look young for that age ,*self praising*.Just praying to the universe that I should grow younger and wiser each year.

Few week’s back someone who is materialisticly successful asked me , “So ,your birthday is in few week’s time ,what is your age again ? 33 ?.

And I replied , “Ah ,yes ! 33 this coming 30th.”

This person asked me a question that made me to think what have I been doing living in this planet for all this years ?.

He/she asked , “What have you achieved in your life till this moment ?”.

I did a rewind back into my whole life in a few second and replied with what my heart told me , “My achievement was being a good human being”.

Well ,all this year’s ,there was a war going inside me ,between myself.To become the monster i don’t want to be or the human I want to be.All I needed to do was to choose the right thing.

And I choose to tame the monster inside me to become the human I want to be.

When you are lost without a direction ,when you are too confused with where you are going on with your life.Seek for the answers.Don’t ever runaway from the chaos ,stay there and find your answers.

It is easier to navigate yourself to a beautiful path when you truly connect to yourself

And this year ,is a turning point year for me ,found myself again which is in a way of being reborn again too.

And yes ,I am definitely blessed by universe ❤️.

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