be here ,now.

Hello fellow readers who follows and reads my blog religiously.Thank you.Thank you for showing up and being there ,reading ,sharing and loving.

Feeling a little forlorn today.

So after weeks of planning to watch Modern Love series ,finally had the time to really watch it fully.It was such an amazing ,sweet ,full of hearts kinda series.It shows the brutal truth about what ‘love’ is.Mordern kinda love ,maybe.

Well, love is love.

The wake up call that I got from it was ,love is universal ,there is no a right way or other way to be loving ,love can’t be seen or touched but it can only be felt and the only idea that aligns with love is time.And time is illusion.

Oh wait ,and yeah you can freeze the moment with a picture perfect or replay it in a video but you can never capture the feeling.You can reenact the exact situation but you can’t bring back the exact memories of the moments.

You get what I mean ?.

You really can’t turn back time nor fast forward it.You can only feel the moments at that specific flow.Hence ,go with the flow.

Feel like dancing in the rain ? go on ,feel like saying “iloveyou” to someone ,say it.Express all the beautiful feelings to those who are precious to you.You might never get the chance of doing it again.Listen to your hearts scream.

You can never predict what is going to happend to you or to anyone else in the next second.Be nice and live in the moment.Be present ,it is the only moment that matters.

Don’t wait for the right moment ,life goes faster than you think.Please be reminded that the only thing we have with us is “the present”.

Time is non-refundable.Don’t waste it.

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