are we becoming the person we don’t want to be ?.

Many ,many and many times I always have had this thought of “are we actually being ourself” or “are we replicating someone else without realizing”.

Let’s find out.By the way ,long post ahead ,*be alert*.

To be frank with you ,we are actually becoming the person we don’t want to be.The person that we are now is not the real us.If you are disagreeing with me ,then most probably ,you are so happy with yourself ,life and maybe you are truly listening to your heart speaks.Or it could be your ego answering.

If not ,this post is for you 🙃.

I am still in a learning process of my ego.Removing those weeds little by little.Slowly but surely.

This was one of the topic that were discussed in me and i webseries ,few months back.But I took the time to digest the topic and also to pour my own thoughts into it.

Coming back to discussion ,I bet most of us have definitely had this thoughts.Where ,we will get intimidated by certain people’s behavior and promise to ourself that no matter what ,we will definitely won’t behave like this certain person.Eventually ,without realizing we become the same exact person that we promised we won’t be.Be it good or bad.

But why ?.

Simply because we are masking ourself with the lies the society had created.Have you observed young kids ?.They are actually being true to their ownself.They don’t know what is right and wrong ,they just do what their heart says.But as they grow ,we terrorize them with so many rules ,so many competitions ,so many comparissons , so many judgements and so many emotions.And from there they start adjusting to be someone they never want to be and later on become the stressed and depressed adults ,just like us.Sad but true.

In the process of growing up ,we are building our ego’s too.We study hard ,work hard to earn alot of money to get expensive material stuffs ,thinking that gaining material stuffs are happiness.We strive hard pleasing the outside world by scarring our soul.

Find out who you really are ,stop doing things that doesn’t give you happiness.Be the best version of yourself ,the person that existed during your childhood era.

Be you • Do you • For you•


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