who am i ?.

Hello guys.How have you all been ?.Well I am typing this post whilst on holiday.Its actually early morning still :).

Yes ,you guys might be wondering what on Earth this girl is doing typing her post instead of having fun on her vacation ?”.

Because I had a question too.Yes ,it’s was an early morning question.

Who am I really ?.

This is going to be interesting to know me.Right ?.

I am Komlashni ,enjoying my early 30’s life by sleeping early on weekends ,doing yoga ,reading books ,and building an amazing life with two amazing high energy lovelies Kanesh and Arthi.Not leaving behind our dog ,mojo.

Backtrack to my younger self ,let’s say before the age of 12.I used to be this lone wolf ,still I am.Used to be ,the naturally shy and quiet girl.On every school report card day the only “complaint” the teacher had will be “Komlashni should start speaking up more” or “very quiet student”.

And after few years later ,I found out that I am not the only self contained person ,there were more people like me and now we are famously know as introverts and the opposites will be extroverts.

We humans just love to categorize everything.

I have been miserably judged all this while ,most of us are.So here is bits and pieces of my history.

This happened in my teen years ,where we went to a function and I just answered my relations questions with brief reply and a smile.I don’t really know what went wrong where ,after few days ,this particular relative brought a whole village to “complaint” about me to my parent’s ,telling them that I don’t know what is respect because I didn’t talk jovially itseems and my parent’s should teach me what is respect.

As a girl who were brought up by strict parents ,I thought I will get doomed but surprisingly my dad defended me ,it really took me by surprise.

But after all the drama’s he came to me and told that people always has something to tell about us all the time but only we know who truly we are.And then he gave me choices to attend any functions later on.I chose to attend some functions to observe how people behave “jovially” ,I just got tired by looking at them.

There was another incident that happened when I was around 9 years old ,the time we shifted town.From Kluang to Klang.I was a new student in the school that I went and I commute to school by bus.One of my school senior also happends to take the same school bus as mine ,she was 3 years elder to me.After few weeks of taking the same school bus ,she noticed me and always reserved a place for me beside her in the bus.The only way we communicate was through writing ,I didn’t ask her why too.And since I didn’t have to talk I was enjoying the moments of communicating through writing.

After a few weeks ,my school organised English week and my teacher forced me to join the story-telling competition ,well she just put my name without asking me actually.After the competition ended ,this senior came to and spoke her first word to me which was , “why you didn’t let me know that you can talk ,I thought you were mute”.Well ,it was not only her fault but mine too.I could have told her that I can talk when I saw her talking and laughing with others and I didn’t and I don’t know why.I just went with the flow.

There were also times I have been told that ,since I don’t talk much or mingle with people, that I have a criminal mind where I am plotting to destroy people’s life.Like ,duh.I was also been called as “dumb blonde” and have been told as a person who lives a boring life.Again ,DUH.

Please do take note guys ,just because a person loves to spend time being alone ,doesn’t mean they are plotting only to do criminal stuffs.They might be thinking amazing things ,that you are not even bothered asking.

There is a saying that also says that “Quiet people have the loudest mind”.

Just because someone is silent doesn’t mean they are thinking about a problem or facing a problem.They do talk when the have a problem it’s just that we don’t really listen to them when they speak up.

Why do we judge people ?.Who gave us the right to assume things ?.

God created everyone differently ,just embrace everyone’s individuality.Right ?.

We are just a confused and complicated humans.

Well ,last but not least ,the answer for the question “who am i” ?.

For now ,I am just an Angry Introvert.

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