beach vibes…

Holidays.How I miss getting excited packing matchy attires for vacation with Arthi and Kanesh ,the airport vibes ,the excited rushy mood to check in the baggages and finally looking down at the clouds :).

2020 just turned everything upside down and I am still not over it yet.The major missings are going to concert’s and missing the airport vibrations.

My most favourite airports that I have visited would be Chennai’s Airport ,the one and only reason is that they have a bookstore.What is an airport without cafe’s and bookstores right?.

Talking about vacation.I actually planned few destinations this year ,and I am still holding on it and waiting for everything to get back to normal.

At this point of time I was just wishing how nice it would be if I could transform myself into a bird ,fly to the aimed destination and transform back into human self.

If you guys really noticed ,animals are roaming freely compared to us ,humans.We need to follow some so called protocols to be safe and these animals ,don’t have to worry about a damn thing about this deadly virus.

We screwed up this planet.Badly.

Okay ,coming back to holidays.Thank god I had a final (which I didn’t know at that time) good vacation last year.It was Phuket.We had good family time ,had good food ,had good massage session (Arthi too) ,and the best 5 mindless days.Yes ,I would say it was such a mind rewiring retreat for the three of us.

Unplanned moment’s creates beautiful memories.

We actually didn’t had any hoo-haa activities.All we did was ,wake up in the morning ,brush our teeth ,walked a few distance for breakfast ,then to the beach ,good lunch ,beach again ,then to the main hotel pool and to the villa pool ,soaked in the bathtub ,dinner and watched the stars at night, that is all what we did for the 5 days trip.

It’s actually not about what we did or where we went ,it’s about the people who were there at the moment.

Since ,all of us can’t take flights for holidays.Let’s find the best local vacation spot and treat our soul.

Till then enjoy the memories.

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