life is too short.

In the year between 2017 to 2018 ,the year that I started to have anxiety attacks and also the year when Hello Gorgeous Beauty Parlour started to grow abundantly.It was the time where I also learned a valuable lesson ,that I will never forget.

I used to be the kinda person who skips meal ,who always rushes to do things before the dateline.Well ,I was not that kinda person though.I started being forgetful too ,forget’s about everything but remembers everything regarding to business, because so many things was running on my mind which nothing includes about myself.My only goal at that time was to earn and open up branches and be very successful financially.Well ,I totally dropped that idea.

That was how we were programmed right ?.Earn a lot ,be busy ,never live your desired life and then die slowly regretting.And I thought that was what successful life is all about.

When I was having this thought ,universe send me a message through a messenger to knock some sense in me.

Recently ,I have started to observe things that happens around me ,it’s like finding some secret code that universe is trying to tell me :).I understood this after meeting with Valsala ,my be at your best programme mentor.

So ,around mid of 2018 ,I met this particular customer ,who came all the way from Singapore to meet her relations who is staying in the same area where our saloon is located, who happens to be our customer too.

She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer ,the doctor had also given her “the time” and also have restricted her from travelling ,taking flights especially.From the conversations I had with her ,I came to know that she used to be a workaholic and rarely spent time for herself.Her whole life was devoted to her job and her family.

She realised and made me to realise how important is self love and also how precious is time when all she had was a short period of available time that universe has given her to do all the thing that she put on hold.

The turning point for me that hit me so hard was when she told me “Let me enjoy myself with the limited time god has given me ,preciously”.

Since the conversation that day ,two years back ,I started to value my time ,my self and also taking things slowly and learning what is important and what is not.See guys ,we often give importance to inconsequential things.

Along the way I met ET Idea’s and my journey has been going on peacefully and happily.

We often ignore the important things while running towards material possessions.Material goals is needed but it should’t over shadow your basic human values.

Being successful by earning certain amount of money is good but it shouldn’t be the only goal in your life.Don’t be a machine guys.We are not money making machines ,we are humans with soul.

Be human.Not machines.

Stop and admire tiny things that happens around you in your daily life.Seize the moment.Those are the only moment’s that you need in your whole lifetime.Happiness lives inside of the smallest moments.

Richness is not about what you have but it’s about who you are <3.

Go Slow.

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