glad i felt i am being a tree.

Hola como estas ?.Finally I am back after being away from blogging for some time.Well ,that’s what happens when you seek validation from others.You just lose you.

So ,few weeks back I felt a little low ,tired from overthinking and felt zoned-out.After noticing my misalligned mode ,I messaged Valsala akka (my mentor).

I told her ,that there is nothing much I am sharing on our weekly SWOT meeting.Am I not changing or progressing ?.I had this doubt because every week ,most of them are learning something new from their experience or sharing and I felt like I am just being a tree.

And her reply was “It’s just your mind that is trying to sabotage you by making you to feel like a victim”.And she asked me to look at my blog too.At first I was confused as to why she asked me to look at my blog and later on I realised I am actually sharing my awareness and experiences to the world :).

Note to self : good job Komlashni.

Remember ,earlier I was expecting validation from people ?.When I didn’t get what I expected and my mind turned me into this victim mode.Hence why I took my time to heal myself by removing this character from myself :).Slowly but surely.

I actually owe myself the biggest apology for putting up with what I didn’t deserve.

Instead of truly moving on from what happened I was just sitting there without taking any action and kept on complaining.

Another Note to Self : When things inside your head changes ,outside changes too.

Not going to go deeper on my story of being an emotional abuse victim because I am actually healing from it.The purpose of me writing this is to create awareness to those who are clueless to come out from this toxic situation.

What is emotional abuse actually ?.It is when someone constantly puts you down ,leaves you feeling like you can’t do anything right or makes you feel worthless and bad about yourself in general.

Many of us have gone through emotional abuse at a different stage of life.It can cause extreme damage to the victim’s self esteem ,making them feel like they are worthless ,hopeless or just being a tree.

“If you have gone through this emotions since childhood ,you might feel that this is a normal situation but it’s not.It’s your mind that actually made you feel that this abuse is normal.”

But all this emotions are not permanent ,because it’s just your mind that creates these situation.And believe me when I say that you have all the power to brush it off from your life.

Let’s not play the victim for the circumstances that you created.

You either get bitter or better.As simple as it has been said ,all you have to do is keep on loving yourself ,most importantly forgive yourself and work hard on removing the weeds that’s stopping you from growing into a huge beautiful garden.

My dear loving cupcakes ,you are not a victim but a warrior.No matter what you have been through ,you are still here breathing ,improving and inspiring.Please refuse to play the victim card.Be a warrior and work through whatever life throws your way with compassion and positivity.

Sharing a quote that I have read sometime back :

You are a survivor of the unfairness of life.You are stronger that you think about yourself.And you are capable of achieving far more that you believe.

And guys please remember to heal from all the emotional trauma’s that you went through before having a child.Don’t pass the venom to your little one’s.

So with that ,I am ending this with a note ,that if you need to talk to someone about anything ,I am always available.

Sending my love to all ❤️.

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