You are equivocal
You are vibrations
You are moral senses
You are the energy
You are the balanced duality
You are the
You are the universe.

And I chose to be the wonderland

Hello everyone.A thought flashed few days back and I felt like pen it down in here.Instead of doing a long post, I wrote it as poem.

Super excited as it is my first ever poem :).

This is about a conversation I had with myself.Yes ,I always seek answers within myself and most of the time ,it does make sense.

A short explanation about this muse :

I always have a choice to be what I want to be and my soul chose to be a wonderland.

Why wonderland ,of all the other things ?.

First ,I love magical things.And another reason is ,no matter what ,whenever we enter this magical wonderlands ,our emotions alter into joyfulness.I want to be the person who spreads happiness ,peace ,joy ,positivity and magic.

Hence ,I want to be a wonderland.


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