we are all stories in the end..

Hello beautiful souls.Apa khabar ? ( how are you ).We have opened our saloon finally.Business is back to normal and I realize that I actually missed mingling with people.Feeling good to be back :).

So ,for a long time I wanted to blog about this extra special quote that i really love.And keep reminding myself about this quote whenever I am about to make a decision :).

We are all stories in the end.

You can actually relate this quote in every situation of your life.

I love to read alot of quotes but this particular one keeps me enthral in so many ways.There are numerous messages this one quote conveys and it has seemed so right to me no matter how contrasting I look at it.

We often get upset whenever we get to know that some people gossips about us ,it could be a good one or a bad one with so many unknown stories of us that even we don’t know about.We also react if such things happens.

We call it gossip ,when we are still alive and they call it stories when we are dead.

When we die ,we turn into stories ,and everytime someone tells one of those stories ,it should be a good one.Yes ?.None wants to listens to a sad or bad story.

No one is gonna remember how much you earned and how luxurily you lived ,they might talk about it but most of the stories about you will be about what kinda person you were ,how you treated other’s ,what kinda inspiring person you were.It will be only about you and nothing about the material things you owned.

And yes ,I hear stories about people at funerals :).

So ,start creating a story worth talking and get inspired about.

Have a good day 🙂

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