me and i : family.

Hello all ,I am back after done with “7 days writing challenge”.Back to pour my thoughts by sprinkling some words.

This time I am going to write about a topic from a recent me and i session.Family.

What is family ?.As everyone knows family is a group of people identified by blood relation or by marriage.Right ?.

But have you guys really thought why these specific people ended up being as/in our family ?.Because everyone is here to teach us a lesson or to learn lesson from us.

For me ,family should not be tolerating each other but to celebrate each other ,which means we have to accept them whole heartedly for who they are and not “alter” them according to us.Acceptance.

Acceptance starts from family.A home should be a place where everyone can just be their ownself ,without worrying about being isolated or misunderstood.

You can never expect everyone to be exactly how you want them to be.Everyone is unique in their own way.

When you let go of your expectations and accept other’s as it is, you are free.

Remember ,expectation is the root of all heartaches.

And also ,family isn’t always have to be blood.It’s the people in your life who accepts you for who you are.Family are those who celebrates you and not those who tolerates you.

I am blessed to have people who always celebrates me ,you guys know who you are.

I am blessed.

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Thats my family celebrating each other :).

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