Day 5 : perfect day out.

Day 5 is about a perfect day out.Okay ,first of all guys ,I am an introvert.That doesn’t mean i totally hate people’s company.I love it only with certain people.

And I definitely need my space at all times 🙃.So most of my perfect day out has always been by myself.

I have my own gang of people I am comfortable to hang- out with.Usually with me siblings + siblings in law and with my friends : Ashanti ,Nithan ,Pala ,Nalini and Kanesh (my husband) ,all of us are one gang.This people are my tribe.And we hang out occasionally and go vacation together occasionally.

But my perfect day out is always my alone time.

Many people have asked me ,how come I can spend alone time ,don’t I get bored and some even have commented that “what a dull and boring life i am living”.

Many failed to understand that ,spending alone time is never a dull or boring life because I have everything in me that I don’t need other’s to provide it to me 🙂.

Well ,when I go out I always go to a bookstore ,moat of the time to just check out book but always ended up buying more books.Clothes shopping for Arthi and finally will settle myself in a less crowded cafe.

Try spending time with yourself always guys.When you spend time being you ,you will discover so many things about yourself.

Enjoy being you.

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