day 4 : best feeling

Okay ,I am not sure if I have manifested to feel good today because today’s writing challenge is to write about best feeling ,or I simply felt good.

Many good things happened today ,the government declared that saloon shop’s can start operating after 10th June 2020.And also found and activated my PSP given as a first dating birthday gift by Kanesh ,9 years ago.Well ,that is the best feeling of the day today.

What is the definition of best feeling ?.All those positive kinda feelings that gives you ultimate happiness right ?.But today I am not gonna write about happiness or anything related to it.

It is going to be about : Peace.

My definition of best feeling is ,being at peace.We always wish Rest In Peace when a soul leaves the body but have we ever wished a person to be at peace when they are still alive ?.

We don’t do that ya?.

What is peace ?.It is not that to be in a place where there is no noise ,trouble or hard work but it simply means to be in the middle of those things and still be calm in your heart.

Not many of us are in peace to send the energy to other’s.Find out your peace and spread peacefulness to others.

World will be a better place because the world needs it so much ,right now.

Find you inner peace.

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