day 3 : how does your day go?.

The title is the reason of why I am posting it late.My day ends after my dinner time.But before that ,how was your day went guys ?.

For me ,how my day went depends on the weather.If it’s sunny ,it can certainly be an active day and if it’s rainy ,it is definitely coffee + books + cuddling with Arthi kinda day.

Well ,I know it is entirely my mind.But I believe that we are whatever that comes out of our mouth.

Is there any connection with the title given ?.I guess so.

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When I was younger ,whenever people ask me “how was my day?” or “how am I ?” ,my answer will always be “awesome” and my life used to be getting “awesomer”.And as I grow ,I started to attract problem’s and stress and my life became problematic and stressful.I became more tired when I repeatedly say that “life is tired ,cause need to handle family ,business and internal/external problems”.

Our words actually have so much power ,and we tend to ignore it.They have the power to shatter dreams or energise them.We have to be aware to use it wisely.One kind word can change your’s and also someone’s day entirely.You are what comes out of your mouth.

So, before you reply to “how was your day ?” or “how are you?” or to other “how’s?” questions.Think.

Answer to how my day went today, it was good ,experimented on new recipe ,cleaned the house ,will be reading book before heading to bed and the best part I posted my 3rd day challenge before the day ends :).

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