day 2 : favourite colour – rainbow

Heyya ,actually it’s nice to keep writing everyday.Looks like I need to take up more writing challenges I guess.And also I did’t know that writing challenge will make my mind to work so hard to think of a content to write ,which is to combine the title with my life experiences.I need so many coffee’s already.

So ,the second day challenge is to write about my favourite colour.Interesting.

You might have figured it out that I like so many colours by the title.But I started to love all the colours only recently.I still have history to rant about.Hehehe.

As a kid my favourite colour used to be blue.I didn’t have any specific reason why ,but I loved blue.I always love going on a long distance travelling because I get the time to admire the blue sky.People used to ask me why I love blue because by right I am a girl and my favourite colour should be Pink.Well loving something without a reason is real love right ?.And I sticked with blue and found out the reason because it gave me peaceful kinda feeling.

Then when I stepped into teenager life I started to get attracted to anything that is green.It made me really calm.Just because I got attracted to green doesn’t mean I left blue.I started to choose things with double tone colours that has blue and also green.You know the kinda peacock’ish colour.And I love those shades.Most of my saree colours are in this shades.

Then in my 20’s ,I started to fall in love with all Blacks.Maybe it is how it should be I guess ,because ”it was a youngster’s thing” back then if I am not mistaken.Black was the only shirt colour I had.Parent’s being orthodox they always used to tell things like ,don’t always wear black ,it is an unlucky colour ,black doesn’t bring you any luck and prosperity.And then ,the only reply I gave to them was “If black is an unlucky colour, then why are you colouring your hair black when you get white hairs, since white is pure ,just live with it”.As usual ,they always ask us to shut up.

Me being a dark skin girl ,used to get this comments when we go for clothing shopping,I am very sure those who are reading will get it what I am trying to say.Since you are dark ,bright colour will make you look dark or dark colours will make you look more darker and vice versa for fair skin girls too.Yes ,colour discrimination.

So after I had Arthi ,I came out from this “what colour suits best for your dark skin” dilemma and started deciding for myself and not bothering on how other’s going to see me.

It’s not about other’s but only about you ❤️.

And then,after that I started to love all bright colours.The rainbow colours.

I am done with my favourite colour/s.What’s your’s ?.

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