day 1 : a letter to myself.

So I decided to participate on a 7 days writing challenge organised by Creative Captains on Instagram.I am excited about it because I have never took part in any challenges ,so let’s try.

So the first day challenge is to write ‘a letter to yourself’.This is going to be a little emotional post I guess :).

Ready ?.

Dear Me ,

You knew who you are ,but you ignored it and was seeking other’s validation about you.It’s okay ,mistakes are lessons to be learned.Believe me when I say that you are doing just fine.Everything heals ,your heart ,your mind ,your body and your wounds – it heals and give it time to heal.Give yourself the time it needs.Do not give attention to what people think or say about you.Rather ,focus on you.

You are a miracle.A loving miracle.Spread the loving vibration you have to others ,the only way to do that is by being kind to yourself first.

I know you are doing the best you can and I believe in you.Keep transforming and keep going.No matter what happens you will be okay,because only you know who you are.

Remember to do what you love and don’t ever stop scribbling or writing even if no one appreciates.As long as you care ,everything is fine.Find your own source of happiness.

Fall in love with yourself again girl ❤️.

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