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Hello beautiful people :).I know that you guys are doing extremely well because I am doing good πŸ™ƒ.Because there is a quote that says “Your vibe attracts your tribe”.

This will be a slight lazy post ,so bare it yea :).

This time I am not gonna tell a story but to share a page that made me to analyse about life from a book that I have read recently.The Pregnant King by Devdutt Pattanaik.It is such an amazing book for those who gets awed with universe magic.I bought this book around last year but I have always felt that there will be a time for me to read it.So MCO was the time for it.

It is difficult to change the world around us ,but it’s easier to change the people’s vision and the ways of seeing the world with all it’s diversities.

unnatural or miracle

Spring was giving way to summer when Matanga returned.Asanga asked him, ‘Is it possible for a man to get pregnant?’

‘Yes,’ said Matanga,without even pausing for a moment.

‘Then why does the manual of Bhrigu not mention it?’ asked a surprised Asanga.

‘Because it is sorcery and not science.’

‘What is the difference?’

‘Science is the facilitation of the possible.Magic is the occurrence of the impossible.You and I can function within the boundaries of probability.’

‘How so?.’

‘You and I can fix a bone or heal a wound but the sorcerer can replace a cut-off arm.We can delay death.The sorcerer can bring the dead back to life.We can make a woman fat or thin.Sorcerer can make her fly in the air or walk on water.But if you think about it, we are both doing the same thing.We are both defying the decree of Yama.What is different is the extent to which we do this.’

‘Why do you say that ?’

‘All that happens in this world has a cause.It is an expression of all that is recorded in Yama’s account book.Ideally, we should let things be.If a child is dying, it is meant to be.If a man has diarrhoea ,we should let it be.If a woman has a headache ,we should let it be.All this is meant to be.It has been ordained.But we don’t let things be.We want to change our fate.Heal wounds.Bring in health even if Yama says there should be disease.We challenge destiny every time we contact an astrologer ,a geomancer ,a doctor ,a sorcerer.The astrologer manipulates time using stones to change destiny.The geomancer uses architectural modifications to change destiny.The doctor’s prescription manipulates the workings of flesh and the mind to change destiny.The sorcerer changes the world itself through his magic and thus changes destiny’.

‘But a man’s body has no womb.How can a sorcerer make him pregnant?Men are not created to bear children.In which part of his body will a man keep the unborn child?’.

‘My son.Anything is possible in this world.Even Somvat can become Somvati.I have seen it myself.Minerals ,plants ,animals and our bodies are ultimately bundles of matter and spirit.If you know the right formula, the right potion and the right diagrams, you can transform the promotion of matter and spirit, make a stone a plant,a plant an animal ,an animal a human ,a man a woman.That’s what a Siddha does.

‘That’s unnatural.’

‘Some would call it a miracle.Careful of the word unnatural.It reeks of arrogance.You are assuming you know the boundaries of nature.You don’t.There is more life than your eyes can see.More than you can ever imagine.Nature comes from the mind of God.It is infinite.The finite human mind can never fathom it in totality’.

The End

I don’t know if you guys felt awed while reading this but I did really learnt a very valuable lesson from this.

We judge or see things through our small minds and make a judgemental decision by that.We are more into judging what is right and what is wrong.There is nothing right or wrong but there is always a lesson to what is happening around us,for us.Let’s live in a world of miracles.

Open your mind and learn the lessons.

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