me and i..

Hello guys !.We have shifted from MCO to CMCO.How’s CMCO treating you?.As for me,I was feeling abit down and dull cause Kanesh started working.MCO will forever be an unforgettable period in everyones life.And I was actually secretly hoping MCO shouldn’t end.Still keeping finger crossed *slightly selfish* 😛.

This time I am going to write about something that I personally felt everyone needed at this time.Well this is not some ‘paid partnership’ sorta post but a post about my self realisation and a medium that helped me to attain that.

Many might have been aware of me sharing a poster regarding a web-series called ‘ME and I‘ ,on my Facebook and also Instagram.Well ,before continuing my story, let me give you a brief explanation on what is this Me and I is all about :

Me and I is a subscription based web-series to understand how your subconscious mind works on your programming ,how you get triggered and how to stop and think critically to find solutions.This will enable you to see the blocks in your mind that stops you from achieving your goals : happiness, health and wealth.

Me and I is basically , me and my subconscious mind.

So now ,let’s get back to my story.I started to watch Me and I since January.What I first liked about this series is their timing,it starts about 8pm.It was like basically like watching a serial while having dinner, sorta leisure time.

When MCO were announced ,after doing the needed necessity for our house and my business, I set an end goal for myself and that was to be a better person than what I were.We usually failed to realise that most of the things that happens to us is not because of other’s but because of us and our own thoughts.

Me and I have personally helped me to align my thoughts ,words and action and helped to focus on my daily task at home.It is not easy to stay at home and also to stay sane during MCO.It was difficult in the early times because i didn’t know how things worked.

I have a very ‘wanderful’ mind.It just loves to overthink ,creates agitation and confuses me.But this weekly series has helped me ,it’s like a weekly guidance to remind me to be aware of my thoughts and my emotions and helped me to find peace not only in the family but in me too ,i became the zen kinda person 😬.Your thoughts creates your reality.You definitely can’t spread peace or have love if your thoughts just wants to dwell into the problem instead of finding solution.

And since I wish well for every single person on this planet ,I have decided to write about Me and I series in my blog , by choosing their weekly topic .Because sharing is caring right ?.

Thought of sharing this quote at this time that I read somewhere ‘Knowledge is a commodity to be shared, for knowledge to pay dividends, it should not monopoly of the selected few.

Thanks for spending your treasured time reading lovelies and if you guy’s are interested in subscribing to Me and I ,please feel free to message me.Trust me ,you will never regret it.

See you all real soon in my next musings.

To subscribe :

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