what is being beautiful ?.

It was a good Sunday morning for me today.How was yours guys ?.

Today’s post is based on a short conversation I had with my customer while waiting for a zoom call meeting.And yes ,as an introvert ,online classes ,workshops and meetings seems to be working well for me.

So ,the conversation went on like this ;

Customer : Hye akka ,I am one of your customer ,who always come to your shop.When will you be opening your shop back ?.

Me : We are still closed.We still don’t have permission to open it anytime soon.

Customer : Please do something ka ,can you do home services or atleast open half of your shutter ?.I don’t like to see myself on the mirror at all also.

The continuation of the conversation is not that important.Because it ended with a No only.

I really felt bad for her when she said that she don’t feel like looking at herself in the mirror.

I understand that she said so out of frustration at that moment.Yes ,self grooming is important ,to look pretty.But I don’t think it should make you to hate yourself to look in the mirror.

Please understand that ,beauty is within you.Self grooming is necessary but it shouldn’t be an addiction to mask your true self.

Love your true self ,value yourself and you will see how beautiful you are.

True beauty is in the way how you love ,how you treat people ,how you hold yourself.Beauty is in your soul.

Remember ,beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.It’s not on the skin nor on the face.It is deeper than that.

Everyone wants to look pretty but doesn’t want to feel beautiful.

It will take time for some to understand this, till then Hello Gorgeous Beauty Parlour will be remain closed till further notice.

Love and Light

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