So I am having some time to post something today ,and it’s so blurry on what should I write about.My favourite things are always about Love ,God (nature) ,Music ,Books ,and Food. While thinking whether I should write about it.Something said to give it a go.

To my ever lovely readers ,if you have any topics that you want me to post or need my opinion ,drop your idea’s in the comment box or else if u have facebook ,insta or twitter ,please do inbox me.

Well ,since most of them having believes and disbelief in Religion and God ,let me share what i think about God.

I am just sharing my thoughts here.So if there is any statement which is incorrect and indirectly hurting any person ,i am sorry ,no offence okaay ?.

Let’s talk about my beliefs in God.First and foremost ,i don’t talk based on my religion ,i don’t believe in religion.Religion were created by humans.There are so many Religions and there are subs under those too :).I don’t really believe in things that were created by humans ,it’s too complicated and bring problems almost to everyone.

In this materialistic world everyone expect something in return for every deeds.It’s like you do something to someone and you expect them to do something better to you in return.Agree??.And that same thing we apply to God.You pray when you want something ,you forget him when you are happy ,and you go back to him when you are suffering and having problem.What kinda belief you have in him?.Don’t you think you’re being selfish here?.Will you do that to your parents ,friends or else to your loved one??

How’d you feel if someone do that to you?.If you pray to god ,it should be remained constant ,not only when you’re in trouble.And ,some of you will ask me have i ever seen the god ,or some crook minded people will be asking is god a male or female ,cause i have been asked so .FYI : No one has seen god ,and as what i believe god is nature ,music and love.It’s a feeling.You can’t see god but you could experience god.It’s like you are alive ,how?because your soul is in your body right??can you see your soul?? ,you can’t but you still can feel alive right?The same theory applies here.Feel god !.Expect nothing in return when you pray.Ask him to bless everyone every second.

God is nature ,you get what you ask for and what you think the most.Your wishes goes directly to the universe and it reflects back to you.If you wish for something good it will get double ,for you and for the one who you wished for and same goes if you wish something bad.It won’t effect only to the person you wish for but even to yourself.So be aware on what you wish darlings.There’s a well known saying ”what goes around ,comes around”.It’s true ,whatever you do ,it comes back to you ,do good and you will get good things in return ,do bad and you will get nasty things in return ;).And hope this post really opened peoples eyes and mind too :).May god grant all your wishes.God Bless.

Have a blessed day ❤️.

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