sort of appreciation post 🌻.

Heyya guys ,I am back with a bang.The kinda bang you do it on the wall and also the kinda bang you do it when you listen to good head banging music.What made me to do this ?.The MCO :).This head banging situations comes to me on alternate days 🤘🏾.

How are you guys doing ?.Hopefully awesome :).

Here I am thanking you all for being amazing ,beautiful and blooming as an amazing person each day.Keep being strong ya :).

Sending everyone who reads my crappy blog post ,good ,positive and colourful vibes.So keep being amazing ,you beautiful people ❤️.

So ,how is MCO days treating you all ?.As for me ,I am learning more about myself and appreciating things that is happening around me.Yes ,appreciating those small little things.

Mother Earth is healing tremendously and you guys should be proud of yourself.We stayed and she healed :).Hug your self loves.

Earlier when MCO started we used to wake up around 9am ,and then one day Arthi asked me , “Amma ,what are we going to do waking up in the morning ,since we can’t go anywhere also.”

And that was the day I got enlightened to just enjoy this moment :).

That doesn’t mean we have been sleeping all day long.We wake up late and we skip our napping time but we do keep ourselves busy too.I mean sort of busy and never a day boring :).

Indulging the family into diy’s ,we painted the room ,added few things and waiting for few item’s to arrive from Lazada.Spending some good time reading books ,and the interesting part is waiting Kanesh to finish cooking lunch for us and at the same time trying new recipes too.

He has started to cook during this MCO and as for me I learned to trim his beard.Believe me guys ,it’s such a therapeutic thing to do ,trimming the beard.

And i am super sure that ,we are going to miss each other’s company once MCO have been lifted.

Right now ,I am not gonna get worried over what’s gonna happen in the coming month’s but going to live in the moment and enjoy eating Kanesh’s dishes that’s cooked with extra love (salt) ,compassion (spicy ) and care (sweet).

Till then ,have an amazing months of MCO 😘.

2 thoughts on “sort of appreciation post 🌻.

  1. Hi there, glad to know that all is great over there. Things are really great here too, especially having my boys here with me. It’s all about cooking, baking, sewing and of course tutoring my students online. Yet to taste Kanesh’s cooking😃.


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