how it started..

Okay ,I shouldn’t jinx it.Let’s do the usual thing that everyone’s does when they don’t want things to get jinx’ed ,*touchwood*.Does this thouchwood really works ?.Whatever it is ,let’s just brush it off from our thoughts.And thanks to those who helped to do *touchwoods*.

Reason for this post is just to crap and make you guys bored.I was little bored today and thought ”Hey Komlashni,why don’t you share about your blogging journey ?.I know there are few who got inspired by me and have been following me since my early years of blogging :).I love you my fans :’) ,unconditionally.

So my journey into blogging world started in 2010 ,the exact date would be 6.1.2010.Yes it was on A.R.Rahman birthday’s and the first post was dedicated to him.I really don’t know the reason why I started blogging but it just felt good.Was actually a very active blogger.Well,it was before becoming Mrs..

Was going through my old blogging site.I felt like I was looking at someone else.So many changes in this 10 years time.I was a different person years ago.A person who got judged , criticised and I have managed to come out from the bubble and living a sorta happy life :).

After my marriage ,i literally stopped blogging as no one really encouraged me and was busy getting settled down with my new life.Had my beautiful daughter and came along alot of drama’s with it 😅.

While attending to those drama’s ,one day my sister told me , “akka ,blogging really suits you.You should start blogging”. That is when this page came about.Thanks to her ,because without her I wouldn’t have found my passion again :).I love to write.

Attimes ,universe will send you someone to put you back in a right path.Till then let’s just wait for the right time and the right person.

Whenever i write a post ,i will get some idea’s for myself too.I have learnt few things while blogging.It felt like “I am actually writing this post for myself”.

You learn alot by talking to yourself kan ?.I do that often.So for me blogging is also a tool for me to learn while i blog for other’s to read.Amazing 🤓.

Thank you for constantly reading my post and commenting to it lovelies :).You guys made this journey a beautiful one for me.Appreciating it alot.

Will link my old blog page with this post too ,so you guys can view it when you have time :).

Till then lotsa love and blessings.

My neighbour is cooking chicken rendang and i can smell it from my hall.

Off to food hunting 😘.

This is my old blogger page guys , enjoy reading :

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