my two cents..

Hello readers :).Hope all of you are doing good at home now.Since it’s a lockdown period ,i understand the situation will be very stressful ,anxiety is increasing as well as people’s ignorance and stupidity.

Things on my side is manageable for now.But i am feeling a little low attimes as this week is supposedly to be my sister’s wedding week.This event was our most waited event for my whole family esspecially for me and arthi cause ,my sister will be our neighbour.Anyhow ,we have postponed it till the chaos get’s settled.

I still remember how all of us celebrated 2020.It was such a positive vibe celebration kan ?.Everyone of us had this “positivity” thinggy on our resolution list.Wanted to have positive thoughts ,wanted to be more kinder ,wanted to have stress-free life,and also be healthy mentally and physically.

But look where all of us are now.I can feel some uncertainity in the air,everything is haywire and people are just being or getting paranoid day by day.

There are alot of questions that we can’t seem to get a satisfied answer.And our mind is lingering to unwanted stuffs and starts to create fear.By now ,i bet most of us has started to have some kind of worry.

Whatever we are facing now is caused by us.The so called magnificent creation of universe,us The Human.We destroyed everything we could despite of all the warnings given by nature.We kept on moving happily while destroying the natural habitat of animals.We cut down thousands of trees to build a building.We do constructions and plant ten trees around the building and calls it “eco-friendly” living.Nonsense right ?.

Remember ,earlier this year many wanted to avoid toxic situation ,toxic people and all things related to toxicity.So now ,the earth needs to do the cleansing first ,it needs to heal from toxicity too.We were the major toxic.So ,stop complaining and let the nature take it’s time to heal.Healing takes time because the damages that we caused are beyond repair.And at the same time we can heal too.

While the earth is taking it’s time to heal ,now we have all the time we wanted in the world.All we have to do is figure out what to do with the time that is given to us.

Nature is actually testing us with our affirmation we had at the beginning of our 2020.Everyone of us wanted to be positive ,bring positivity ,spread positivity and etc etc.

Since our manifestation has started to work ,well nothing comes easy right ?.So nature is really testing your will power.It’s just simply asking you indirectly “are you really working on your manifestation? or you just did it because it is trending?.

How positive are you in this crucial time ?. You know the answer.

Anyways ,not gonna prolong anymore with my two cents musings.I just shared what i felt and nothing more.This are just my thoughts.

Right now ,I am just happy to see that the earth is healing ,we human’s are back to doing basic things.All this while ,we were just thinking that making money were the only basic thing we need.Some wise people have told us to go back to basic living,appreciate all the small things yet we ignored cause we were busy looking into bigger things and we forgot about those beautiful petty things.Doing basic things such as living simple ,eating good food ,spending more time with family and animals/pets are being happy too.

With this good thoughts ,let’s hope for a beautiful transformation in everyone’s life and also to the planet :).

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of a manunknown-

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