Are you really happy.

Hello beautiful souls !.Hope things are really going awesome for all of you guys.Seeing some beautiful changes in some souls :).Really happy for you and please do keep inspiring 🥰.You don’t know who is being inspired by you.

Before I continue with my rantings ,I would love to hear from you about things you guys want me to blog about.Any topic suggestions are really welcomed :).I would love to share my thoughts and if it’s not you ,it might be helpful for others.

Before any delays…

Earlier this year I met someone.I would tell this particular question she asked me strucked inside me like forever whenever i look myself into the mirror.

She asked me if i am happy ?.

My reply was as usual ,yes ka ,i am happy.

And she again asked me Are you really happy or are you just going with the flow ?.

This is where my mind brought me to a deep thinking level.That was such a deep question right ?.

Are we really happy ? 🙃.We all don’t know the answer.

You can only make other’s happy when you are truly happy.So are we really being happy with ourself and also with the things that is happening around us ?.

How you feel is what mirrors on the situations that happens around you.You create your own reality.

As for me ,i am not always happy.I do have my own gloomy days too.But what really matters is ,how am i going to change it to a positive way so that not only me but people around me benefits from it too.Most times ,i just fail to change my mood and end up continue with the same gloomy mood the next day and it continues for a week and complain things are not happening as how it suppose to be.

People thinks that achieving happiness has alot to do with external circumstances.Alot of us say that , “ my happiness is depends on my family’s mood. ,i will be happy if i achieve my target ,i will be feeling good if my work get done according to my plans ”.I am in the third category 😜.

And the list goes on …

Don’t you think that being happy is to just be happy ?.You are responsible for your own happiness.It’s not other’s responsibility to make you happy or to make you feel good.It’s just purely yourself only.

So guys ,when was the last time you really looked at yourself in the mirror and just admired your plain naked face ?.Means ,you looked at yourself without doing anything.Not when you are applying make up ,fixing your hair ,trimming your beard or applying moisturizer.But just sitting infront of your dressing table ,admiring your skin ,embracing your white hair and loving your expresion lines.

Was it long time back ?.Feeling guilty ?.Don’t be.This might be the first step :).Enjoy it.

Wherever you guys are at,once you are home ,please do spend sometime for yourself first.Talk to the other person on the mirror.And ask yourself if you are happy.

Remember darlings ,the worst kind of missing is missing yourself.Love yourself ,spend time alone and be happy with yourself first before you expect happiness and love from others.

You can learn alot from kids guys.They will be just happy with whatever they have because they are happy with themselves.

As we grow we simply forget on just being happy instead we think that materialistic is the only thing that can make us happy.

You can be successful but unhappy,successful but full of hatred ,successful but nothing is enough.

Invoking happiness within yourself is hard,but once you took the first step everything will just fall into place when it is repeated.

Consistency is the key.Doing thing you love with so much of love is therapeutic.

Ending this post with something that i read recently :

– Do things you love.Spend time on things that matter to you.Have a hobby or recreation that inspires that certain part of you which makes you unique and involve yourself in affairs that keep you sane in this crazy world.Divide your time each day balancing it with yourself ,your family ,your passion ,business ,and other things that will lead to self improvement.Pull yourself away from distraction ,and most of all ,spend time on people who spend their time on you and with you ❤️

by Ivee Lou

2 thoughts on “Are you really happy.

  1. It was an awesome article. You inspire me to write blogs on my passion. Can you write something about passion for your next article.

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