Arthi is growing.

Uff ,it’s February already.Hope you guys had a productive January.Although it was a calamity month last month but let’s pray for it to get better in coming days :).Mind is powerful.

So recently ,Arthi has become the centre of discussion of everyone i meet.So ,i had thought to blog about her,my precious gem :).

Well ,children’s are definitely our mirror ,our mini versions.Their actions and reaction are copied exactly from us.Us as in not only the parent’s but also all the adults that the kids meet often.

My bonding with Arthi is more than mother daughter relationship.We are more than best friends.I would love to say that we are SOULMATE.The only difference between us is “she talks like her father”.

We both used to have alot of heart to heart conversations.I love to have deep conversation.My conversation partners are usually my husband ,my sister and now with Arthi.

With arthi it won’t be too deep.But conversation’s like , “how her day was ,her friends ,what she had at school ,about my day at my shop ,about my customers ,about the classes that we attend and also about the book i read.We don’t talk about anything about what she studied at school”.Because if she finds it interesting on what she learned at school ,she would definitely will share with me.

Last month ,she fought for something that was not right at school among her friends.This cheeky girl loves to be friends with everyone.She feels sad if someone that she knows don’t acknowledge her.This is something we adults have to keep practicing.Acknowledge those around you.Be it adults or kids.

So her class have about 8 students.As kid’s you know got gangs.And there was this girl and her other friends who gang’ed up and didn’t wanted to be friends with this another girl.And our madame went and told the girl gang that what they are doing is very wrong and it is a bad manners to not to be friends with anyone.And since then she is being a best friends with the other girl.

And as a mom ,i did appreciated on what she did but also told her to go and be friends with the girl gangs too.

Some of you guys might have noticed that when she meets you ,she will tell that she likes you ,you looks the prettiest ,she wants to be your best friend.Well that is really from the bottom of her heart.She is such a darling 🥰.

Well ,I am magic and i gave birth to a unicorn.And she love’s unicorn.

I really can’t sleep without her sleeping beside me.It will be very hard for me to sleep when she is not around.So there is no long vacations without her.And then we both created a routine to read books before we swith off the lights.After her bedtime stories ,she insist me to read my books while all she does is just admires me reading book.

I told you guys right ?.Kids does mirror us.They are observing everything that we parents do.From A to Z.

They see how we treat people ,they see us what we are doing at home ,how we talk and etc etc.So i am very aware of my behaviour when i am with Arthi.

My grandma has been staying in my parents house for few months now.And as old granny ,she call’s Arthi “vaadi ,podi” as a sign of effection.Since we have never addressed her in such manner ,Arthi got really upset and started to irritate my grandma.

Whatever my grandma does ,Arthi will try to irritate her.And soon they both started to have misunderstanding.Till i have to talk to Arthi privately and clear the misunderstandings between her and grandma’s.But the only thing they do without any arguments is watching tv together.

And we do really have to think carefully when we talk to childrens nowadays.Any misguided advice ,it’s gonna back fire you in the future.

And about how we should behave at home is extremely important.

Was having a common thought sharing moment with Arthi.It’s about a basic house chores stuffs.And she suddenly told me that “only girls must do house works ,and boys should sit watch tv or play games”.

And i realised it is my fault too.Cause usually when my husband helps me with house work Arthi wont be around.All the ladies in my family ,both sides are the one who does all the work at home.

She already fixed the misconception that only girl’s have to do work at home and guy’s can be lazy ass ( oops ).

Will change that soon :).

And recently ,she has been my chill pill.Whenever i get anxiety ,she always comes to me hugs me tightly and asks me to take a deep breath.I felt like she gives attention to my emotions.

Only people who loves and cares for you ,pays attention to all the small things you go through :).May it be ,sadness or happiness.

We created a habit pattern between us.Like hold our hand ,simply for no specific reason.Watch cartoons together.Our favourites are Samosa ,PJ mask and Mickey n Friends.I love to watch Tom n Jerry.Have our tea-time session on our porch with our dog while waiting for my husband to come back home from work.And go for dates.Just me and her.She do go for dates with my husband too.It’s like our private moment.

We always say good things about each other all the time.So today she said “Amma ,you used to be beautiful but now you are more more beautiful”.

What else a mom needs right ?.

Just can’t wait to have awesomazing moments with her.We have our whole lifetime to spend and create amazing things.

Till then have a blessed life ❤️.

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