Take a deep breath.Be calm.Think.

Hahaha,some might know what is this about.Cheers to those.

Holla everyone ,how have you guys been ?.Hoping 2020 to be very kind to you.Also ,hoping that you guys have been treating this year kinder too :).Well ,Karma works here too.

Speaking about Karma ,i believe in Karma 200 %.So when i was pregnant with Arthi,i was jokingly told Kanesh that i wanted to name our baby as Karma.So when our baby bites or slaps or pee’d on people ,I can directly let them know that “ Hahaha ,Karma pee’d on you”.Well ,it would have been double meaning but that’t not my problem to figure it out kan ?.

Isn’t that mindblowing ?.But i might just give that name to my next pet dog (no plan yet).Cause it would sound way much better when you say “Karma barked at you”, “Even Karma hates you”, “Oh no !,Karma damaged your shoe” , “Move ,Karma is coming”.Please do say it out loud in Tamil 😋.

Jokes aside,my January has been doing good this year because I wanted it.Remember i told you guys to create your own magic ?.I don’t only preach ,i practice it too.Attimes.

Attended sushi making session earlier this month.The main reason i attended this class is because i love to eat sushi and i wanted to learn how to make it at home.Homemade’s are healthier too kan ?.Haven’t tried it at home yet.Soon.

Read two books already.The Grand Old Time by Judy Leigh and When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.I won’t write reviews for the books ,you may find alot of reviews.But these two books reminded me to ‘live in the moment’.Life is really precious to not to waste your time on unnecesary stuff’s.Life is so unpredictable.Sometimes ,if you are too lucky ,it gives you second chance,sometimes it just give you ,just few months to amend few important things.So apreciate what universe has given to you.Life.

Started to take up another language ,Chinese.The main reason was ,wanted Arthi to know chinese.Some of them wanted us to send her to Chinese School.After alot of discussion ,we decided to send her to normal school and send her to a chinese class.And i simply went to learn up a new language.By the way ,i am in Second Level.Where i can somewhat understand what people are talking in chinese.

On the second week ,i signed up for a two days conference.I would say it was a different type of conference.The food was good 🤘🏾.The conference was about SIEP.I know what you guys are thinking.But trust me guys ,the conference was like a vacation to my mind.Yes ,to tell you in short ,it was about “understanding your mind and be happy”.What SIEP stands for is S is for Spirit I is for Intellectual E is for Emotion and P is for Physical.

It is not easy to control your emotions on certain situations.So it’s like my mind keeps on getting blown whenever i face a situation ,instead of getting emotional ,they ask us to “Take a deep breath.Be calm.Think.” before reacting.The beauty part of this is ,they work with you personally at anytime.Interesting kan ?.

Sometimes all you need is someone to knock your head and allign your system.

This how i brought my January as how i wanted.It is looking good already.Soon gonna make miracles.

Enjoying every little things.Hope you guys are too.And sending all my love to those who reminded me to update my blog for this month.You guys know who you are.Stay amazing.

Life is good 🤓.

5 thoughts on “breeeeeath.

  1. Hello akka 🥰 I am still a little follower of yours who brought me into blogging world. I’m doing great and yeaa hoping to keep up with the posts this year. Let’s see how it goes 😘🥰


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