Hello 2020

I am back guys :).It’s just few more hours to 2020.Before that ,I would love to thank everyone who have directly and indirectly helped me to learn few good life lessons this year.Although it was kinda bad year as I mentioned in my previous post ,but I managed to earn few good souls.You guys know who you guys are,I love you all.

Looks like ,everyone is very busy with New Year Eve celebration ?.Are you guys done with your resolution ?The “new year ,new me” , “healthy eating” , “more h2o” , “losing weight” , and bla bla bla ?.

Well ,as for me when it comes to New Year Resolutions ,first thing that comes to my mind is my dad.He is the one who introduced me to have resolutions, every year.And on every New Year eve ,while having dinner ,he will always asks us to share our resolutions.And me as a girl who loves to read books and go to book fair’s ,my every year aim will be to buy more books and read more books :).And this wish is still in my top priority on my yearly resolutions.

As for this year ,I want to travel more as a couple.Me and my husband have been too caught up with family ,managing things ,work and other priorities that we started to forget and to be more specifically we get too tired to spend time together.We do have late night conversation (which is my favourite) once in a while but have never thought of spending more time together.It has been always with Arthi.As much as creating a memorable childhood for Arthi,we totally forgot that we both need to have cherished memories too.The last vacation we both went was 5 years ago.So yeah ,more on couple vacation this year.

Next on the list will be ,create strong Positive aura around me.While me and Kanesh were cleaning the house few day back he told me,“Bu ,let’s be a Positive couple from next year”. We have been positive here and there all this while but as a person and not as couple.This year ,we are going to be a team.Being a team is stronger right ?.Let’s keep the finger crossed and let’s hope the universe to guide and lead us into a good path.

In 2019 ,I was too immersed in other’s drama by listening to their problems and trying to solve their problems while I was totally ignoring myself and also while trying to make other’s happy I was badly falling into anxiety without my knowledge.So in 2020,it’s going to be I will be busy loving myself ,sorry if I don’t have time for you.I’ll be choosing with whom should I spend my precious time and energy.Not gonna waste those precious things this year.

So in short 2020 gonna be my year.Vacations ,a lot of books ,positive vibes ,self care and more tattoo’s.

So,how you guys planned your year?Remember ,YOU CREATE YOUR MAGIC.

Have an awesomazing new year celebration loves.Happy 2020.

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