good bye 2019

So,it’s just few more days left for this year to end but before that ,thank you so much to each and every lovely souls for reading, sharing and commenting on my previous post about “Being Happy”.

So what are your plans for New Year Eve ?.We haven’t planned anything yet as for now.Suggestions are welcomed :).

Well,how did the year treated you guys or would it be better if I ask “How you guys treated the year ?”

Doesn’t it sound better ?.How did you managed this year ?.

Sometimes ,the magic is in us.Yeah it’s all in us.The best and valuable lesson I learned this year.You are able to create your own magic.

As for me ,this year was an average kinda year.I wouldn’t say that it was very bad, it was just average.There were a lot of unwanted arguments ,misunderstandings ,hatred ,ignorance ,wasted times/moments ,mentally drained and sort of negative vibes were around.

I started to feel like something was wrong when things went from bad to worse.This might sound lame for some ,but you know when people say ,please do take care of yourself and in that moment while you are sitting/driving alone and thinking if you are really taking care of yourself ?. Yes,i was in that phase too :).

Glad someone reminded me to take care of myself.

Yoga helped me to revive on the days that I feel low.And most day’s I will just feel like being on bed when I have a lot of things to do.I always felt good after yoga practices but it wasn’t just enough.I needed something more.

That’s when I realised that I was looking the magic that I needed at a wrong place.The direction went to somewhere else ,whereas I should be looking it in me.

I met this particular person who helped me to find the magic that was in me.Thanks to this person, there will definitely be a time for me to blog about them.Hopefully ,very soon :).

And that’s when I found I found the magic and tried my best to create the magical moment in the last few weeks before the year ends.

Do believe in the saying “There is always light at the end of the tunnel“.You can never find the light if you just continue being stagnant.Work for it and find for it.

Remember,that only you can find the light.That is the reason why I asked you guys a question at the beginning of this post.

How did you guys treated this year?

All I hope is that things went super good for all of you this year and hoping that 2020 will bring a lot of good vibes for everyone.

2019 has given us a lot of lessons and all of us have learned our’s accordingly and let’s make it to practice in 2020.

Keep this in mind : self love is important.

And I am still hoping to see flying car’s soon 😀


Would love to hear how your year went lovely souls.You can drop your comments.Let’s share thoughts, it might help someone somewhere.

Have a fun filled and safe New Year Eve celebration.

See you next year


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