Being happy :).

Heyya bloggy and my darlings who comes here often to read my posts.Selamat Datang (welcome) again.It has been long time since i poured my feelings here.And again to remind myself and my bloggy “promises are meant to be broken”.Please understand me ya my dear bloggy and also my readers.I love you ,okay.

So ,i was just thinking on what to blog about since it has been a year i wrote something on my blog.Whilst finding some ideas ,i just thought why not i share some idea’s of things to be happy about or things that you can do to make you/others happy.,it might help someone who couldn’t find happiness by the small things that they do in a day of their life.

Well,you guys might wonder “are there people who is not happy in/with their life ?”.The answer is “YES”.

They are not happy not because “they choose not to be happy” but because “their problems has blocked them from appreciating small things in their daily routine”.

Without delaying ,let’s list down.

To start with ,i will share things that makes me happy instantly :).And my dear Sayangs ,if you have anything i didn’t mention here ,please do share it on my comment section ,so that it might help others to light up their mood.

Smile.I am not sure if you guys are realising it or not ,many of our hoomans (humans) are not smiling.Let it be to strangers ,they are not even smiling to their own family.So start smiling often ,let people think that you are crazy ,you just keep on smiling and you will agree that it will instantly make you feel good which is feel happy.You will not only make other’s happy ,you will be happy too :).

Dance.Yes ,whenever i feel down or abit off mode.I will dance with my daughter.Yes ,with that little brat.She is my forever dance partner.Her dancing is very much improved,i am just getting shocked each time i see her dancing.

Helping.Doesn’t mean a stranger ,family or an animal.Okay ,let me share something weird that i do.I know i wont be the only one who does this.If anyone else there give me five ya 😘.

What i do : I have a flower plant in my house where the only reason i bought the plant is to let the caterpillar’s grow into a beautiful butterflies.So many of them have told me not to let the catterpillar’s damage the plant but i feel good and happy when i see caterpillar’s in my garden 🌻.I always have butterflies as my visitors often .

Appreciate.Don’t la be too demanding or a fussy pot.When someone did something for you ,even if they open the door for you or pass you a tissue when you are sneezing.Say thank you.Nothing is perfect ,don’t be fussy.

Nowadays ,Please Sorry and Thank You’s are in endangered situation.It’s quite alarming actually and not forgetting Smiling too.

Family.Well what is happiness without family ?.Right.I can’t elaborate this cause it’s just that.Family.

Books.I carry my book with me all the time.The moment you open the page and let your mind carve the fantasy.You can’t describe the feeling ,only readers will understand.

Songs.Listen to your most favourite songs in the mornings.As for me ,i listen to A.R.Rahman’s 90’s songs,almost everyday.It brings me to my childhood memories.

Coffee.Smell of it ,just changes my mind.

Mojo.My dog.I talk to him while cleaning my porch.Either scold him or just sinple talk about life or we just sit and listen to songs.

Hugs.Have a tight long hugs.I usually hug my daughter before sending her to school.It makes her day and also my day.We both need our hugs every single day.Well ,as for my husband he just gives us normal hugs because he is afraid that he might break our bones if he hugs tightly 😒.

Neighbour Dog.So we have a new neighbour now ,they have shifted for about a month now.They are none other than my brother in law.My sister’s husband.Yes ,my sister will be my neighbour ;).

They have a dog and his name is Coffee Boii.He will bark if i don’t say “good morning” to him or if i dont show my face to him.Such a lovely rascal.

Rains.Just sit and admire the rain with a bar of chocolates.

Conversations.No.Not adult conversation.Have you had serious conversation with kids ?.Please please have conversation with kids.It’s a must routine for me and Arthi.I have never let anyone to send her to school because of this.We have our morning conversations while in the car.Whenever there is no school ,we have our serious conversation on the bed.

Movies.Watch your favourite old movies.Again ,A.R.Rahman plays a big role too.Since i grew up in the era of A.R.Rahman.I watch movies based on A.R.Rahman’ music.His 90’s always bring your soul to somewhere.90’s kids will agree.

Nails.Do your nails.When i am feeling down ,i always paint my nails in bright colour.Seriously it works.Colours plays a big role to your mood.

Walk.Go for a long walk in a park or just go to a park and sit under a tree and breath deeply.

Ice Cream.Eat you favourite ice cream or make your own.I usually make my own 😋

Text.Message with you favourite human in this whole planet.Or just send some random text to you contacts.Some of them might need it.

Simple Conversation.Have a simple conversation ,don’t have complicated conversation with complicated people.

Laugh.Laugh out loud.It is sad to see people have to go for comedy movies and watch comedy shows just to laugh out loud.LOL 🤨.Conversations are no more making people happy.

Love.Love always ,spread love and be loving 🙂.

I Love You.Simply say iloveyou to whoever you feel like saying.They might badly need it.

Arthi has a habit of saying “I Like You” to everyone she meets.I am very sure it makes her day and others too.

Last but not least,

Pray.I am not religious but i just pray to the universe ,to give all the good things that everyone asks for ❤️.

So ,this are the things i usually do to make myself happy and to check on people i am concerned.Do show love to people and don’t be an toxic assholes 😏.Alot of them need to hear good words and pure thoughts.

Suddenly miss looking at rainbows.

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