she is miss.independent

I am busy.But never busy for my soulmate ❀️.

It has been nearly a year since my last post.Well ,atleast i am not abandoning my mr.bloggy.I still do keeping in touch with you ,right bloggy? 😁.Please say YES.

Well ,life is as usual.Meeting new people ,sharing interesting info’s and gossiping hot stories 😝.And also craving for beach vacay all the time,but when vacay mode comes ,beach session is ignored and again craves for beach vacay.That’s life duh !.

Arthi’s is going to nursery !!.Most of you got already updated on my insta story kan?.

Yes she is a big girl now and adapting into being miss.independent.And it’s making me a little sad cause she is no more depending on me on few things.How nice if they dont grow up and be a 1 year old kid always?.

Again i am repeating ,attimes i just feel like putting her back in my tummy and she even asked me once to put her back into my tummy 🌻.

Well ,back to her school moments

She cried for the first week ,and i cried for the first two days.Well ,i think it’s something normal for parents to shed happy tears when their kid stepping into new milestone kan?.It’s not only happy kinda tears but also little worried on how she gonna adapt to that “being independent” process.

For the whole one month ,the only one conversation me and arthi had was this :

Me : Hye Sayang ,how was school today ,what you had for lunch ?.

Arthi : Amma ,will you pick me up tomorrow after school ?.

Me : Yes ma ,are you hungry ?,you want to eat something ?.

Arthi : No ma ,will you come and pick me up after school tomorrow ?.

Me : Yes da ,of course i will pick you up.You are my sayang ,how will i leave you at school and go back.


Arthi :Amma ,i want bottle milk.Will you pick me up after school tomorrow ?.

Me : Yes πŸ™„.

She will be playing and doing her things and i will call her for shower and it starts again and againand that was the only repeated question i got from arthi for the whole month of june.And i think that was the only conversation we had for that month πŸ˜“.

My husband ,my parents ,siblings and parents in law were the only witness for this.

Arthi clearly knows how to irritate me.Smart ass she is.

And now ,since July started she wakes up on time ,i dont even switch off the fan or on the light wake her up like how my mom used to wake us up 😏.

The day starts so happily till it’s time for breakfast.Karma really does comes back to us.I used to be a very very very very very slow eater and now my little chipmunk does the same too.Everytime ,whether it is for breakfast ,lunch or dinner ,i had work hard to feed her fast.But when the father feeds her ,it will take her only 10 minutes to finish her food.And again,she bullies me πŸ˜….

Well ,she is my bestfriend 🌻.She is already having her few school friends.

She is no more having the doubt if i will pick her up from school or not.But nowadays the conversation between me and arthi is good.She let me know about her friends ,what she did at school ,who got scolding from the teacher.And she hugs all the teachers before going back home.

Me and arthi used to be sticking together ,but right now ,it’s getting lesser as she has to do her things and myself got to do my things.But still we find time to glue ourself together :).Even though i don’t have time for myself.

I just wish we could have longer hours in a day ,so that i can manage everything and spend extra little time with her.But it’s okay ,hopefully she knows that i love her extra extra much than anyone else :).

Hopefully ,she stays this way till the end of my life πŸ™‚.

That’s all for now ,expecting to see you real soon Mr.Bloggy 😘.

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