she is my soul ,i am her mate..

It has been ages since i shared my thoughts here.To be said accurately it has been exactly a year la.So here i am back again for a random thought sharing :).

How’s everyone doing?.Well it’s an theoretical question because i actually can’t expect a reply unless you reply :).Reply me in the comments if you wish too ❤️.

Arthi is doing good by making me tired 🙃.It can’t always be a perfect motherhood right?.So yeah,becoming over-clingy,where whenever we go to a function ,she made the decision to always be glued on me.Sticking together like siamese twins.

It’s like i am being a weight-lifter wherever i go out with her.

I used to admire mom’s who carry their kids like superwoman with saree.And i use to crave those moment with Arthi and now i am actually enjoying it although it’s tiring and draining all my energy.Welcome to motherhood is my mantra ❤️.

I won’t say that she is being too naughty or too pampered.Cause i feel like she is using the time very preciously ,so that she can be very close to me and also could get all the attentions from me.

Because the only time me ,my husband and Arthi spend time together is at night after work and settled to have our leisure time.

Whenever i send her off to her grandparents house in the morning  before going to work ,i’ll always feel heavy.Well,every mother’s feeling yeah.

There was once ,very recently ,she went and stayed at my mom’s place for a night.I missed her terribly till i cried to Kanesh.

I was having customers where i had to go back late everyday on that week.So the situation made me to be emotional till i cried and made me to feel bad about myself for not being able to spend time with the one and only darling of mine.

Attimes ,i just envy those who are SAHM (stay at home mom’s).Yes,you guys could do work while being with your kid.Not like those working mom’s who have to keep on checking their watch to finally can be with their kid :).

Me and arthi having a very secretive favourite passtime recently,which is no more a secret as i am about to reveal it.It is DANCING.Her current favourite is Kaala Chasmaa but she pronounce it as “Kaala Chusmaa”.It has to played on anywhere for atleast once a day.We both are our favorite dance partners.So far that is what we are into.Nothing much to say what is going on around us since mostly uploaded in instagram and insta story.

And also,we have started to go on dates,just spend so much time together.We eat ,talk ,go around places ,meet our everyday favourite peoples and be relaxed at home happily after a long day 🙂.

Most of the time ,she will be telling me stories that she read at her grandparent’s house.It will be mostly in tamil.She is very well versed in tamil till sometimes we have to think properly to reply for her questions.Attimes it makes me to wonder if we have asked this kinda question when we were a toddler.

We both love books till she comes and takes some of my books claiming hers.Having mutual love for book with your kids is amazing.Mostly storybooks ,haven’t step into pre-school books.

Maybe ,if any mom’s reading this post could share what is your’s and your little human’s pasttime?.

It would be a good idea so that i can try something new with her later on :).

Blogging this while at work,missing her already.

That is why she is my soul and i am her mate.

Till then 💋.

4 thoughts on “she is my soul ,i am her mate..

  1. During my pregnancy moment i used to see u n aarthi in insta.everytime i see aarthi face she looks very devineful n brilliant.
    Now i gave birth to lil princess.our hobby is watching aarthi dancing in your insta story.
    U r strong lady.proud of u.


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