“Couples who read together ,grow wiser together” – by me.

Well it has been a very long time since I have visited this page.Many of you know that I read ,date ,smell ,hug and sleep with book but some don’t know that I love to write too.I love to blog.I was an avid blogger before I got married.Because of commitments and stuff’s I lost the interest in blogging.After four years of having a break with blogging ,this person ,whom I have never met became an elder brother for me and my sister.He have been there with us from the day we were having plans on Hello Gorgeous.Shiva Anne.

Thanks to him for pushing me to start blogging.And also for being  a motivator for us when we are down.

Not forgetting my favourite stalker ,Kanesh 😘,who quietly keeps an eye on my Facebook and enjoys reading my blog posts 😁.

I am now reading an Autobiography book of Gandhi Tata.Its an interesting book,not only because of this book is based on his experience but also because it made my husband to read the book too ,surprisingly.So it’s like we are reading the same book but we are on different page.

“Couples who read together ,grow wiser together” – by me.

I find it hard to sleep yesterday night,so I were literally disturbing my daughter by hugging her tightly ,squeezing her ,kissing her and smelling her hair.I love petrol smell but now I am addicted to my daughter’s smell.Arthi.

We already have started with our dressing up session and the most favourite past time for both of us is lets piss off each other 😬.So mr.daddy will be the middle person to settle things for us.It’s fun.You grow with them too.

So ,while stroking her hair ,I rewind my younger days.Which made me to miss a lot of things ,like sneaking zinger burger into the house with sister on FRIDAY.Buying clothes from pasar malam ,eating pork sausages with sister.Going out with dad to eat non vege on Friday for lunch,without mom’s knowledge.Just acting crazy with siblings ,cycling,unnecessary jokes in the middle of the night.MSN conferences.

Even our dating period will be the funniest.Growing up in a extremely strict parents ,just imagine how I would have dated Kanesh.Me and my husband dated for about two years without a proper dating session.I could definitely tell you that my dad spent more time with my husband than me before we got married.

Somehow ,we got married ,happily building our very own family and loving the mother job.

Speaking about being a mom,I just feel myself as being a Superwoman.Not self praising here but then the confident it gave me.I was a person with lack of confident ,shy ,loves to hid behind people ,love to be too private and quiet.When there is an argument ,I don’t retaliate ,I don’t defend myself.Another reason why I don’t retaliate is because I don’t wish to hurt people.We know about ourself and our mouth better than others right?.But now i am doing it not only to defend myself but also to hurt the person who hurt me.Well I hate to be such.So I try to avoid arguments and things that will lead to arguments.
I miss my old self.Which involves with books ,foods ,songs ,piano ,few good people who don’t judge you :).Now my circle is a bit bigger ,with the doubt of ‘whom to trust’.I wished I hadn’t grown up to be what I am today.I wish I could be just as small as a girl who used to be going rounds with my dad on his motorbike.

But now I am  also still being a girl but with a wish for her daughter not to grow up.

Recollecting my old self back with small changes.Hope it will be all good :).

Loving my new changes but then old is always gold right?.

13/6/2016 – after a long time I missed the moments of being a homemaker.Where it will be waking  up in the morning with Arthi,feed her breakfast ,settle her and breakfast for myself and cookings with few cleanings while letting your little one does the cooking for her toystoo and   a long nap with sweetie after a good lunch (but my mom took over the nap with her granddaughter).A good cup of tea ,nice tv programmes ,good dinner ,night time readings and a good night sleep.

A big respect and saluteto all those super moms who works hard and to fulfil everyone’s need.

And double salute to the dads for being the best for the whole family.

Family love.

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