coffeemate <3

When you start your everyday mornings with “why late?”,”why you didn’t do this”,”can’t you make it faster”,and your sweet little miracle doesn’t want to let you go cause you have been leaving her for work and spending very less time with her and on top of all this shit ,you get “labelled”.Be in someone else shoe before letting your words out.And there is only one solution for all this unanswerable solution – coffee.Coffee is my mate.

Not a coffee addict before,but every thing changed when people decided to unappreciate you.And that’s when you decides to change your behaviour towards them,cut them off from your life.But still,they dont realize how they made you feel but then will still be condemning about us.Some of you guys might be going through this phase,all i gotta say is ,just stop and move on.After all ,you need only one person in your life which is You with a cup of coffee and if you have a kid ,they will definitly follow you.Cause they understands you better than those grown-ups :).

I am running on 3 cups of coffee everyday,so if you need to impress me ,buy me books and coffee.Hehehehehe joking.

Life is good,just hoping it would get better by removing toxic people :).

Have a great day :).




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