hi ,i am your face mechanic :).

Hello gorgeous humans,how are you guys  doing and how is your “new year,new me” mission going on?.Hope all is going well as how you guys planned.Planning is important ,thats my dad’s main advice to everyone he meets :).

Well mine is going good this year.Some wasn’t pre-planned ,some was very well planned.The last minute unplanned mission was getting a new car.Unexpected bad things happened so i had to give a goodbye kiss to my very lovable and sporty honda cr-z and got a new family car mazda 3.A very good car “two thumbs-up”.Can’t wait for long roadtrips with arthi and kanesh.Yeaaaaaaaaaay !!.


That’s the guy :D.

And the other very well planned mission was ,*tadaaaaaaaaa* [[ HELLO GORGEOUS BEAUTY PARLOUR ]].Yes ,me and my sister have opened our new beauty parlour.And as the name sound ,the parlour is gorgeous too.All the ladies in the town ,please be ready to visit our one stop pamper yourself centre.

Having a parlour or being a make up artist / beauty therapist was not a dream job for me or my sister.We both were mainly focused on music related business.Somehow ,one day god decided to give a sudden turning point in both of our life’s.So he decided to let us have some bad experiences and learn few good thing from it and make it big by analyzing the good and bad in it.And from that life lessons ,comes the ”HELLO GORGEOUS BEAUTY PARLOUR”.

The parlous is managed by me and my sister ,Kamalavaashnee.

Myself as the beautician or i would love to address myself as the face mechanic (sound so gempak right?) and my sister Kamalavaashnee as the face painter aka make up artist.But almost everyone knows that my sister is a make up artist because she is actively posting her works in social media ,whereas i don’t.But yes ,we both own the parlour but majoring in different line.Soon will be doing the opening ,please do support us and those who already supporting ,keep supporting :).Thank you lovelies.

Pictures of our parlour.


The main area and mani pedi area.


While cleaning.Kamala Gundu with her cacat’ed pose as always.


The bosses who don’t behave like one.


Me ,myself and i <3.


My babies.The beauty products that i will be using.


Spot your favourite colour/s ?.Head to our nail bar section to get your nails done.


That’s how blingy blingy our make up room looks like.

So why wait,head up to our parlour and get yourself pampered gorgeously !.

Thank you.

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