When life gives you lemon ,add it with honey and drink it.That was how my 2015 went.Life threw me alot of lemon’s but somehow i tried to add equal honey to it and managed to get a honeylemon juice with extra sweetness of my tinkerbell’s love :).

2015 will be the dullest and good for nothing kinda year,learned few good/bad lessons,got to know about humans,read good books and etc.The only thing i was happy about this year is spending and growing a year older with Arthi.And for now she is successfully saying “amma” ,”appa” ,”tata” ,”mummum” and “abc”.And she is getting so crazy when she sees book.Hopefully she will be my partner in crime in the future.

2016 is gonna be a year full of hardworks ,vacations and plaaaaaaaan’s.So in love with being a full time mom but i feel like ‘katak dibawah tempurung’ by just sitting at home ,doing cookings and travelling around to buy groceries.

No ‘new year ,new me’ bullshits.I will just be me and gonna add few spices in my life.Gonna have long term and short term goals.Read more books ,gonna take up book challenges ,photography challenges and learn more new things.And gonna keep myself extremely busy with my little chipmunk and kanesh.Can’t wait for the lemons and can’t wait to add honey and extra cinnamons.

Just hope the best next year and happy new year adorable lovelies.



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