latte’ thoughts.

Hai good souls :).Hope everyone had a very good week.It’s weekend and everyone has alot of plannings,whatever it is just have fun and be safe.Well for me ,I always love to spend time at home with my family,not an outdoor person.Before becoming parents ,me and Kanesh usually will be having a very lazy Sundays.The most awesomest Sundays ever in my life.Before marriage my weekends will be like my weekdays,gotta be up by 8am.Can be said i became lazy after i got married ,because of too many pamperings :D.

Well our Sundays will be like,we woke up around 12,I will just wash my face and brush my teeth whereas Kanesh will have his clean 20 minutes shower and then we will have our morning coffee around 1pm,awesome na?.After that we would take our sweet time to decide what we gonna have for lunch ,our menu’s usually will be McD ,Pizza ,Nando’s or else banana leaf meal.Once decided will go and have our lunch ,be back around 3pm then will start back our normal routine of sleeping.And will end the day of our Sundays just by Sleeping.This even goes to our dogs.

But since Arthi came,our Sundays are being very different,we wake up early but the 3 of us will be rolling on the bed,playing,giggling ,biting,laughing ,hair pulling ,feeding milk and changing diaper.

I do miss those Sundays before Arthi but then i keep looking forward to the Sundays that i gotta spend with the 3 of us in the bed having fun.

Just so in love being a mom.

Latte’ thoughts.

Had the urge of blogging when i was making caramel latte for myself.So thought of giving this post a tittle related to my drink and the thought that was running through my mind for this past few days.

So the outcome was latte’ thoughts.Creative na?.

Have been hearing a lot of death news recently.Death.

My amma used to tell me stories when i was young one of it was,whatever i do when i am alive,the deeds is the one that will decide where i would go after death.Heaven,Hell or be a Restless Soul.And since then i use to think alot about heaven ,hell ,karma’s and everything related to it.Right now,i doubt to believe in heaven or hell where i started to strongly believe in Karma.Nowadays Karma slaps our face so fast.

But growing up didn’t let me to be all goody goody sweet little angel cause like life has all it’s up’s and down’s my deeds toward people has it’s good and bad.So whenever someone dies ,it’s has always reminded me to cherish every moment,be good do good,make people to be happy.

Life is a circle after all,from the first day of  your birth till the last day of your life.Every single minutes and moments are counted.Well life cant be all goody goody angel thing,attimes,anger makes you to do all those hurting,cursing,killing and etc.Just pray and let it go all the grudges and people who made you to feel such.Make the most of the present time and give a little thought to the future because you will never know when is you last day of your life.

Live the moment.

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