books?..why books.

Welcome back to the world of blogging Komlashni :D.Looks like i will be continuing with my blogging after this more often.No matter what i will still find ways to continue blogging.Atleast 2 posts a week maybe?.

 Me still being the same inside but being different outside.Cause no matter what ,life and yourself will never stay the same.Somehow ,someday you have to change yourself for the good.All is well.
Okaay ,let’s skip.
BOOKS.Why books?.
Nowadays ,i am being thrown with alot of questions like : Why books ?.What’s there in a book ?.Aiyoo ! ,everytime book book book !.Hmmmm,book’a ?.
For everyone’s information i read novels.
Well the answer for those questions will be : Soul.
Many would question me back with : Why soul?
Because it brings back the old memories,feelings and moments that has been covered with layers of dusts for years.And it does awakens the sleeping soul.Simple.
Many who reads would agree on it.It brings your mind and soul to fly.You will mingle with the main character and you feel that you are actually the main character in the book.You being the reader ,you feel exactly how the character in the book feels.
Reading makes you to forget the real world for a while.You be the creater of your own dream world and you be the main character in it.
Once you are done with a book ,you feel like you have been left alone in an empty island.A book ALWAYS colours your life for a limited time.But,only the story will stay in your mind and will never want to get out of the journey.

It’s easy to ask question and it’s not hard to answer but it’s hard to explain the feeling you felt.

Only a reader will understand another readers feeling.

Till then let the books love you :).

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